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In Sierra Leone, Cocaine Trial Visits Lungi Airport Locus
By Our Correspondent
Feb 26, 2009, 17:20

The ongoing trial of Sierra Leoneans and foreigners suspected to have been involved in the illegal importation of cocaine into the country via a forced landed plane on July 13th 2008 yesterday took a different turn with the Presiding Judge, Hon. Justice Browne-Marke leading the suspects, their counsels and some local media persons to visit the Lungi Airport locus, the scene of the alleged crime.

Amidst water-tight security, the suspects were ferried across the Atlantic estuary from Freetown to Lungi onboard one of the Libyan donated ferries. All throughout the journey to and from Lungi, the Sierra Leone Navy had several versatile speedboats lining the waterways whilst from the Lungi harbour all along the Lungi Highway to the International airport, truckloads of well armed military and police personnel were on high alert at practically every few yards.

Many of those present throughout the journey including journalists and lawyers had nothing but praises for the robust presentation put up by the countryís security forces on the waterways and highways.

At the airport itself, the troupe led by Justice Browne Marke visited the Hanger where the plane that imported the cocaine, was currently parked. Whilst the outside of the plane was freely inspected, no access was made available to the inside of the plane which was completely sealed. Meanwhile, it was noted that the Red Cross emblem was no longer on the planeís wings.

From the Hanger, the group went to the Security Post that was made famous by the testimony of rendered in court by one Alie Nyelenkeh. After that, it was time to visit the Control Tower and finally the office of Mr. Manley, one of the Lungi Airport Control Tower employees currently facing trial.

The group returned back to Freetown amidst the same high level and water-tight security that accompanied it to Lungi. The matter now stands adjourned to tomorrow February 27th 2009 when Hon. Justice Browne-Marke will resume sittings on the matter in the High Court.

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