From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Introducing a Brand New Sierra Leonean Movie
Feb 27, 2009, 17:08

WALKING THE DEATH is a brand new all Sierra Leonean cast movie produced by a Sierra Leone enterprise called Sierra Movies. The movie, directed by Sulaiman Stephens, is based on a true life story of intimidation, violence, cover-up and solidarity. The plot is based on a Sierra Leonean journalist, who was a victim of intimidation and violence in the hands of a highly placed personality, which allegedly led to his illness, hospitalization and ultimate death. The picture tells the story using fictional character of Jenner Cole, a corporate executive who also doubles as a leisure writer/novelist, who attempts to investigate and write the story of Sorie Sawaneh (the dead journalist). Jennerís interest in the story arose from the seeming Ďnatural death the case had suffered and wanted to publish Ďhisí version based on independent research of all parties involved in the incident. This attempt seems to wake up old ghosts, and sets in motion a whole new episode of events akin to the experience of Sorie Sawaneh himself. The picture is a blend of facts and fictions. It, for example, creates fictional characters such as a girlfriend of Sorie as well as introduces interpersonal intrigues that evolve between Jennerís wife and the girlfriend of the dead journalist. It also utilizes a wider network of fictional family and friends with different issues being part of the sequence of events that were going on about the time of the incidents. The story utilizes properly choreographed martial art moves to shoot violent scenes in an attempt to make fights more organized. For more information on this movie, contact 033 396292.

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