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APC Ministers Are A Disgrace
By Abdul Karim Kabia, Bampia J. Bundu & Aruna Turay
Feb 27, 2009, 17:22

As throngs of Sierra Leonean parents yesterday evening stormed the Connaught and King Harman Road hospitals respectively, to sympathize and check on the situation of students, who were involved in the monumental disaster, as a result of a stampede that occurred in the Inter Secondary School Sports, it was sad to be faced with the reality that not a single Minister in the Ernest Bai Koroma led All Peopleís Congress (APC) government showed up at the sorrowful scenes.

Captain: Sir, it is time to reshuffle your Cabinet or else Your Popular Ship will Sink!


People were amazed and shocked at the conspicuous absence of government officials, especially those involved in the organization of the sports meet. Even the police that were widely castigated of being responsible for the disaster, made representations at the hospitals, as the Director of Police Media Unit, Inspector Ibrahim Samura was seen moving helter skelter at the Connaught Hospital.

Scores of diehard supporters of the APC, speaking under anonymity, stated that its high time President Koroma, as the captain of the APC ship, started reshuffling his cabinet and bring onboard performing ministers, to prevent the sinking of his popular red ship. Others were overheard registering their disappointments at the inhuman attitudes displayed yesterday by the Ministers of Education, Youths and Sports Dr. Minkailu Bah and Dr. Soccoh Kabia of Health and Sanitation. The Ministers of Internal Affairs, Information and Communication, Social Welfare, Gender and Childrenís Affair, Presidential and Public Affairs, Defence, and numerous state operatives, were among the names of government officials that people raised grave concerns at their absence to sympathize such a national disaster.

"I rather die than cast my vote for the APC come 2012, if these ministers are maintained by President Koroma," an APC diehard loudly commented yesterday at the Connaught Hospital.

The dying students, who were rushed to especially the Connaught Hospital, would have been left at the mercy of death, if frantic efforts were not made by certain doctors, including Dr. T.B Kamara, Dr. James Russell, Dr. Isaac Small, Dr. Alhaji Musa, Dr. Marsh and Dr. Wurie at the Connaught hospital and Dr. Gbaka in charge of the King Harman Road Hospital.

The absence of drugs and other intensive medical care equipment at particularly the Connaught Hospital were also a cause for concern to many parents. Some of the doctors and other well meaning Sierra Leoneans had to use their personal monies to purchase drugs from external sources to save the lives of students who were in critical condition.

The President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists (SLAJ) Umaru Fofana was lauded by several parents, as his presence was noticeable in all the wards of the hospitals. He reached the Connaught immediately the news of the disaster broke out to share words of encouragement to the victims and their parents.

No death was reported as at time of going to press.


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