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Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) Working for a better Sierra Leone
Feb 27, 2009, 17:04

Working for a better Sierra Leone

Sierra Rutile Limited (SRL) is soliciting resumes from interested candidates for the following position
Electrical Enginee
The deadline for application is Friday 6th March, 2009

Electrical Engineer

The overall responsibilities for this position involve overseeing all maintenance /installation of electrical equipment in various sections of the Plants. You will ensure maximum availability of Electrical equipment for production purposes.

The applicant will be graduate capable of reading and correctly interpreting electrical drawings. Some knowledge of high, medium and low voltage reticulation systems, transformers and switch gear is expected. You will also be familiar with the International Electrical Engineering Codes (IEEC)

The tasks and responsibilities of the job holder would include but is not limited to the following

∑ To closely monitor the performance of operating equipment and take appropriate measures to prevent any observed abnormalities from causing a major breakdown.
∑ Enforce compliance with the Companyís Health & Safety Policy and Code of Practice
∑ Quickly diagnose faults with equipment and take appropriate actions for their speedy resolutions
∑ Keep a log of all important incidents and work done during your shift
∑ Inspect equipment and assist in developing a list of jobs for routine maintenance work scheduling
∑ Advice the Maintenance Superintendent about the sttus of essential equipment spares available on the plants
∑ Preparation of reports as required

Qualification & ExperienceThe applicant should possess a Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering (BEng) with at least 3 years post graduation experience in industry.

Applicant must also be willing to work flexible hours.

Applications including a CV/Resumes and photocopies of relevant certificates should be sent to one of the following addresses:

Human Resource Manager Human Resources Manager
20 Hill Cot Road SRL Plant Site
Hill Station
P.O. Box 59. FreetownOr Email:

This position is open to qualified Sierra Leoneans. Women are especially encouraged to apply.

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