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APC Man Threatens to lift American Ambassadorís Mini-Skirt
By Awareness Times
Mar 23, 2009, 10:05

One of the ruling APC Party Leaders in North America, Mohamed Aziz Nabe has used graphic language to threaten the female American Ambassador to Sierra Leone that she might soon get her mini skirt lifted and wrapped over her face if she does not, Ďhalt on her tracksí and quit what the APC strongman sees as an interference in his stated desire to brazenly and violently abuse the rights of those citizens of Sierra Leone who belong to the democratic opposition.

The APC is clearly unsettled by the growing condemnation from Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora of the invasion of the SLPP Party Headquarters during which at least six women were allegedly gang raped.

Aziz Nabe, who is the erstwhile North America Chairman of the APC, in an open article published worldwide on the official APC-NA news site on Saturday 21st March 2009, has described American Ambassador June Carter Perry as "an idiot" and threatened her with the possible lifting of her mini-skirt right up her legs and over her face by un-named APC operatives which action he said would be followed by her relinquishing of her position and being sent back to America "with her hands between her legs".

The erstwhile APC NA Chairman is angry that the Ambassador seems to be promoting human rights values and political tolerance in Sierra Leone. He condemns her by saying she was not sent to Sierra Leone "to be Director General of the Human Rights Watch" and then goes on to express the belief that Ambassador Carter Perry by her human rights and democratic actions, "does not represent the values of the new President of the United States Barack Obama".

The erstwhile APC Chairmanís published words have sent a chill around Sierra Leoneans in the Diaspora who had warmly welcomed the overtures of the diplomatic community towards settling the political tensions between the two main political parties in the country.

The angst of Aziz Nabe stems from the following: On March 17, 2009, the day after the Opposition party headquarters was invaded in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, the United States Embassy issued a press release in which the embassy condemned "politically motivated violence" and warned that "violation against people and property must stop." The release also expressed particular concern over the allegation that raping took place during the invasion and cited the international distaste for sexual violence especially in March, the month of Womenís History. The release expressed the desire of the US Embassy to promote dialogue between Sierra Leoneís political protagonists. This was followed by the US Ambassador paying an assessment visit to the vandalized SLPP Party Headquarters; a visit similar to the one paid last Friday March 20th by the UNís ERSG in Sierra Leone Ambassador Michael Schulenburg.

It will now appear that APC members like Mohamed Aziz Nabe who are in support of the actions of March 13th and 16th are angry at any attempt to condemn such uncivilized actions. It is here worthwhile to note that Ambassador June Carter Perry has a distinguished record as a champion of Womenís Rights. The American State Department informs that Ambassador June Carter Perry was "Director of the Office of Social and Humanitarian Affairs in the International Organizations (IO) Bureau with responsibility for policy matters within the United Nations Commission on Human Rights, the Economic and Social Council and the Commission on the Status of Women" and was also "Vice President of The Womenís Institute." In other words, championing the rights of women is close to the heart of Ambassador June Carter Perry.

However, the APC strongman in America claims with absolutely no proof that the worthy lady Ambassador "has always been a despicable character who does not deserve to stay much longer in Sierra Leone." In a bid to further demean the Ambassador, the APCís Aziz Nabe warns Ambassador June Carter Perry that, "if she does not desist, State Department will be notified of her Diamond business escapades she had embarked with Lansana Fadika and John Benjamin when they were in power" adding that the Ambassador herself has now "issued a visa to Lansana Fadika to run away from his crimes in Sierra Leone" and that Fadika "is presently hibernating in an undisclosed address in Atlanta." It is worthwhile to note that the Ambassador first arrived in Sierra Leone following the elections that removed John Benjamin and Fadikaís SLPP from Government so she could not have been involved in any diamond business as alleged by the top APC strongman.

The APCís Mohamed Aziz Nabe in his published piece against Ambassador June Carter Perry, openly threatens more violence in Sierra Leone from the side of the APC saying what was perpetuated by APC members on March 13th and March 16th were "just a tip of the iceberg".

Meanwhile, on the same published forum, the son of retired APC politician Bob Allen, one Mr. Leslie Allen who is the current Vice Chairman of the APC North America Branch, has openly threatened the Publisher of the Awareness Times newspaper, Dr. Sylvia Blyden with violence. Allen, who belongs to the same Christian church as the Publisher and whose family ties with the Publisher are close, wrote in a published piece that Sylvia Blyden should be warned that she should not count on family ties to protect her life if she continued to publish materials that placed the APC in a bad light.

In an earlier piece published three days before this new scandalous one, APC strongman Mohamed Aziz Nabe had said of opposition SLPP members: QUOTE- "since they have provoked the APC beyond control, what they will see now as of this moment is the madness of the one being provoked. Now den go know how posin kin krayse when ee hart wam. What has just happened is just a tip of the iceberg of what is to come. Do not underrate a sleeping tiger. We might have a very gentle President, but he has the tenacity of a cobra to inflict deadly venom on interloper. As of now, they will come to know what a sleeping dog can do when awakened by rude intruders". - UNQUOTE

All of these published threats from the erstwhile APC North American Chairman against the American Ambassador June Carter Perry with the promise of even more violence to be unleashed in Sierra Leone against hapless citizens, are currently the buzz of the Sierra Leone Diaspora.

Many who have read the threats of lifting up her mini-skirts over her head have interpreted it to mean it is a subtle threat of sexual violence being made against the female Ambassador.

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