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The Shooting of Lumley Internet Cafe Owner, Sylvia Nasser
By Awareness Times
Mar 26, 2009, 17:00

In the last one week, Sierra Leone has been awash with reports that a failed assassination attempt in the early morning hours of Wednesday 18th March 2009 by unknown gunmen on one Sylvia Nasser, an Internet Cafť owner at Lumley Roundabout was actually a case of mistaken identity with the assassins having actually aimed at the life of Sierra Leoneís most critical newspaper publisher Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden who also owns the main Internet Cafť at the Lumley Roundabout.

Sylvia Nasser, who runs SYL'S INTERNET CAFE located a few doors from Sylvia Blyden's LUMLEY BEACH DOT COM Internet Cafe, miraculously survived a bullet fired at her head which sniped through the flesh of her skull but spared her skull bone. The assassins, who are Guinean nationals, repeatedly asked her if her name was Sylvia before they fired her. The first bullet sniped through the flesh of her head whilst the pistol miraculously jammed when the assassins tried to fire at her chest a second time. Before she was shot at, Sylvia Nasser received a good beating that lasted for up to ten minutes at the hands of her assasins thus leaving her bruised, black and blue.

One of the alleged assassins from Guinea has been caught but he was released a few days after by the Police. The Inspector General of Police has however assured this newspaper in an interview conducted yesterday March 25th 2009 that although the alleged assassin was a Guinean National, the alleged assassin had Sierra Leonean sureties and would be re-arrested again very soon.

Sylvia Nasser shows some of the bruises on her right hand to Sierra Leone's youngest newspaper editor, the 24 year old Abdul Karim Kabia who is himself the recipient of numerous death threats lately. DR SYLVIA BLYDEN herself is now used to death threats as a result of her fearless stance for truth and respect for human rights in Sierra Leone. She receives death threats on virtually a daily basis from Sierra Leone's ruling party operatives.

Sylvia Nasser shows her bruised right shoulder. Inset is an enlarged part of the bruised shoulder. Nasser has just been discharged from the Choithram Memorial Hospital where she was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit after an emergency operation stemmed the massive blood flow from the bullet wound to her head.

Awareness Timesí investigative team has spent the last week carefully digging up facts and interviewing various actors like the Inspector General of Police, the Local Unit Commanders of Goderich and Lumley Police Stations, Lumley Okada Bike Riders, Lumley Area Boys (rarray boys)¬†and the victim Sylvia Nasser herself to get to the bottom of the matter. We will tomorrow, Friday March 27th 2009, bring you our findings on this very topical matter. We will not comment on the facts as adduced so far but we will simply allow you to read the facts as uncovered by us and ask you to be the judge of what really happened on that day.

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