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British High Commission
Apr 8, 2009, 17:06

British High Commission
Thinking of UK Education?
Need a UK visa?

The British Government is introducing a new system for student visa applications from 1st April. Its called the Points based System and it is a more efficient, transparent, streamlined and objective process.
Before you apply for a visa at the British High Commission you need to self assess your application online in order to see if you qualify.
To be successful you need 40 points to pass the new points based assessment.

30 points will be awarded for a Certificate of Acceptance for Studies from a licensed sponsor which will be your UK university of college
10 points will be awarded if you show that you have enough money for 1 year to cover tuition fees and living expenses

The new system requires that the bank account statement you submit must be in your own name or in a joint account showing your name and must be an original, i.e. not a copy.
Remember its a crime to submit forged documents or fail to disclose your previous immigration history. This may result in a 10 year ban on all future applications

You can apply online at the UKBA website
For more information on the UKBA Points Based System and how to apply
please log on to

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