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SLPP Germany Calls on President Koroma to protect all Sierra Leoneans
Apr 4, 2009, 07:39


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We, the members of the Sierra Leone Peopleís Party (SLPP) Germany Branch, are appalled by the evil deeds that have been visited upon members of our party for sometime now. We have with awe, watched mayhem descend on members of our party, a party that is indubitably peaceful and knows no violence.

The undiminished level of violence against the membership of the SLPP and the citizens of Sierra Leone reached yet another climax a few weeks ago, when a bunch of hooligans in possession of huge criminal mentality and energy, led by senior hooligans, bounced on our party headquarter building in Freetown and touched that building together with a few vehicles belonging to party members found in the compound. Those brigands also carted away with party property. Even much more alarming, colossal and barbaric was the malicious injury sustained in the process by SLPP members, including the SLPP chair, western area, Mr. Lans ďObamaĒ Fadika. The gang-raping of six women inside the building, one of them very pregnant, is not only despicable, it is preposterous and bursts the boarders of ordinary human imaginations. Nothing can be more desirous of creating upheaval than these malignant acts of violence against peaceful and defenceless citizens. The scenarios were akin to events on a war front and are reminiscent of the concluded brutal rebel war, the aftermath of which we, as a nation, are still struggling and fighting to cope up with. ¬†We believe that such callous atrocities, unparallel in scope and degree, do not augur well for national unity and development.

We therefore condemn this politically motivated brutality in fiercest terms and unreservedly. We demand justice and we will not relent until and unless situations are put aright. This kind of organised vandalism, hooliganism, banditry and barbaric gangsterism is inacceptable and intolerable. It cannot stand, it will not stand. We cannot continue to take in violence served on daily doses. We will defy it; we shall reject the minimisation of peaceful citizens and wantonly destruction of property.

We demand a thorough investigation into the matter; we demand that the culprits be brought to book and that punitive measures be effected in order that this may serve as a deterrent.

Statements issued by members of the ruling government party on the ongoing violence in the country have only made a caricature of a perplexing circumstance and rubbished the sufferings of the people. Some of those statements took the semblance of mediocre sarcasms in an attempt to provide lame explanations. The effrontery dropped verbal attacks on the victims, rather than condemning the culprits. We view this as damagingly unfortunate and sad.

We take this opportunity to ask our able president, His Excellency Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, to prevail on the ugly circumstances and bring them to a halt.

Whereas the ruling partyís continued restructuring of the Sierra Leone civil service is painfully witnessing qualified and experienced persons summarily sacked, persons believed to have even an infinitesimally small affiliation with the SLPP, and substituted with those who are most likely less trained and less qualified, but certainly less experienced, much to the dismay of even the international community and,

Whereas the constitution of His Excellencyís recently reshuffled cabinet, albeit it is His Excellencyís prerogative, leaves much to be cherished; the entire setup being unambiguously congruent and consistent with the doctrines of nepotism and favouritism,

Yet, we still believe that you, Mr. President, do posses visions of national unity and nation building. This is why we want to appeal to you, to use your able office to ensure the discontinuation of the violence meted out to innocent citizens, which is evidently now being done almost on a day-to-day basis. 

As a de facto president of our country, we remember that you did not shrink in your inaugural speech from promising the nation the maintenance of peace and stability which the Sierra Leone people, the international community and the then SLPP government fought and brought to our country. Similarly, you unhesitatingly promised national security Ė the protection of life and property and the upholding of democratic blue prints. Albeit we are fearful that security in the country is presently at stake, given the unabated level of violence, nonetheless, we want to remain confident that these items are still a priority on your agenda.

We believe and know that your government comprises level-minded and well-meaning Sierra Leoneans who amongst others abhor violence no matter the angle of origin and we are sure that you share the same mentality.   

We know that one of your major concerns is putting permanent methodologies in place to prevent the nation from going down the road of perdition, down the road to chaos and anarchy. Nevertheless, we want to point it out that we all have to act fast to curb down the escalation of violence. There is not much time to waste; victims are becoming many by the day and sufferings have potentiated. We are worried that situations might further degenerate. We believe therefore, that now is time to act.

Meanwhile, we join our national leaders especially our national chairman, the charismatic John O. Benjamin, in appealing to all members of our party, party sympathizers and the Sierra Leone citizenry to continue to show restraint even in this difficult and very trying period. Let us join hands to defy violence by not taking part in it.  

God bless us all and God bless our beloved Sierra Leone.

Musa Ben Sannoh, MD.

NOTE: We had wished to personally deliver this message to His Excellency, President Dr. Ernest B. Koroma, during his official visit to Germany this April. This visit has however, according to the information received, been postponed or better still, cancelled. We are inclined to believe that the cancellation of the presidentís visit to Germany cannot be alienated from the recent sequence of events in our beloved Sierra Leone. Germany is an unwavering democracy and has priority investment in the protection of human rights. This is why we have chosen to present this appeal via this medium.¬†


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