From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Fools Will Remain The Fools They Are No Matter What
By Maritu Stalkhom
Apr 7, 2009, 17:08

This is in response to an article in the April 1st 2009 ‘Awareness Times’ Edition titled "The Drowning Men are Desperate" by an unknown group that cowardly disclosed themselves as "The Progressive Youth Group Sierra Leone". Reading the content of the rubbish they wrote, it is evident that they are gladded in their own stupidity to think in such a manner. Rather it is the reverse of what they had wanted to portray.

To start with, it is absolute nonsense for the group to state that for the opposition, "power proves to be the only enterprise". I view this as total bullshit. Let me draw their attention to the fact that entrepreneurship does not only entail petty trading, hijacking people’s businesses and siphoning others’ hard- won labour/finances into yours as in the case of the Obais, but it is something that goes beyond that. It’s not only gallivanting all over the place shouting that ‘he’ is a successful business man just because of the Insurance Business which was hijacked and which is his only success story. Some people desist from being empty braggarts and rather prefer a better nation that they will call their own and will boast of at anytime and at anywhere. Conduct a research on the opposition’s (top) party stalwarts with regards to their livelihood strategies viz-a-vis entrepreneurship and you will be surprise at the positive result you will get. That is one of the reasons why you and your party are angry and are going extremely violent because you anticipated them (the opposition) going at your door posts begging for their daily bread. IMPOSSIBLE!

Moreso, your party had thought that if the services of those suspected to be sympathizers or supporters of the opposition were terminated (from places like NaCSA, NEC etc), that would have urged them to join you or warranted their deaths as a result of starvation. Unfortunately for you, as you can see, most of them have been employed by International Agencies or organizations because they have been proven to be useful in the development of the world and are professionals in their various fields. Inefficiency, ineffectiveness and unproductivity are the results you get for such illegitimate and unwarranted termination of services of professionals whom you considered as in the words of the current Minister of Mines "they are on the wrong side of the political and regional divides". You often murmur that members of the opposition live as though they are in full governance. That’s the pride of an elitist party and its professionals, and not buffoons and shameless ones who go to every corner begging for contracts and marrying from the ruling party’s strongholds because they want to be aligned as ‘converts’, and pretended to be ‘more than the pope’ in the bid to survive in the event their petty trading or so called ‘professionalism’ could no longer put bread on their table (as was the case of the APC in opposition).

Some of these people you referred to in your party (the APC) as professionals are not professionals, but those who clamour for unmerited recognition. Please present a research report (in the case of the so called lawyers) on the number of genuine cases they have ever won, that will earn them the title of "a successful lawyer", if not majority of the cases have been those that are bent on freeing hard core / deadly criminals for a reward of sharing the ‘booty’ whether in cash or kind. Similarly, send us reports of an assessment of the medical practitioners who will contest at any level with both their national and international counterparts, if not the likes of people like the so called Dr. Alimamy Koroma and Dr. Mohamed Barrie of Bo Government Hospital and a clinic at Waterloo respectively that do not know that even a husband can rape his wife, not to talk about other highly medically complicated issues. That’s how some of your so called doctors have succeeded in killing so many innocent people in carrying out their pretence in the name of professionalism.

Secondly, please don’t talk about the opposition not wanting to farm because sensible people who know about Sierra Leone and its history is aware of the fact that farming is not the best option of majority of the people in your stronghold – They are very lazy, unless you don’t want to be truthful to yourself. The nation depends mostly on the opposition’s stronghold for a good number of the locally cultivated/ agricultural products. And I bet you, not even the ‘operation tractorization’ (that is over 85% taken to your stronghold as against to the other regions), your proceeds cannot outweigh those from the opposition’s stronghold.

Be reminded, FOOLS, that when people talk about being in governance, it does not only mean that it is only when your party is in power. What do you make of the Parliamentarians? Are they not part of governance in a democratic dispensation like ours? If they are (which I know is a very important arm of government), then the opposition is part of governance because they have forty-four (44) elected members in Parliament as oppose to fifty-nine (59) from the ruling party. The ruling party can never get a two-thirds majority in parliament in enacting laws (proposed by the government) without the support of the opposition, even if the entire People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC) and Paramount Chief Members of Parliament favour such bills. So if the opposition support the ruling party to enact laws without any malice so far which are in the interest of the state, I wonder what you FOOLS and your party are saying about ‘the opposition been out of governance’. Besides, the opposition controls almost half of the Local Councils. Or is Local Council Administration not part of Governance any more? I will not be surprise by your answers because you are FOOLS, and there is nothing that can be done to change that fact.

Furthermore, it is arrant nonsense to be going around saying that "when the leader of the APC lost the 2002 elections, he sat quietly and did not pose any security threat" to the administration then. Let me hasten to remind you that firstly, the 2002 was ‘not contentious’. Former president Kabba had a landslide victory even before the election. Secondly, the former President accepted criticisms and demonstrated it by not reacting to destructive criticisms even when he should – you were allowed to say whatever you felt like and left to walk away free in the interest of peace, security, stability and democracy.

However, if you know that the opposition "wants to pick quarrel with the ruling party" or do not want "to drown alone", and you are also aware of the fact that the opposition is trying to distract your attention from being successful, why can’t you prove that you are in charge by doing what a responsible government ought to be doing? You see why I say the proponents of this article are FOOLS. It’s no wonder they sent in such article on "Fools Day". Or can I say I have sensed fear in you (your party) of the opposition’s re-organisation and bounce-back strategy?

Let me give you some of the reasons why instability, disturbances and insecurity were less prevalent during the last SLPP administration: The Government was full of well meaning and level headed Sierra Leoneans (apolitical people/technocrats) who concentrated on working for the nation than engaging in trivialities that will spark violence and insecurity/instability; It created the enabling environment for good governance and democracy which gives people like you and your party the chance to breathe again; Equal distribution of state’s resources if not even greater percentage to the then opposition’s stronghold; The former President proved to be in control even among his cabinet ministers; Deaf ears were given to the baggage of insults you rain at the highest authority in the land, as your party is the award winner of vulgarity. Nothing was done to intimidate you even when you went to the extent of paying some ignorant local artists to sing inciting and molesting songs against President Kabba and those in authority; Remarkable attempts were not made to mussle the opposition then (you and your party) and attempts were not made to transform Sierra Leone into a one party state at all cost; The opposition’s party headquarter was never attacked by any body etc.

Let me give you some words of advice if you and your party want to succeed and to continue to be in active governance come 2012: The ruling party (your party) must accept and practice democratic tenets now and understand that the 21st Century political atmosphere do not condole dictatorial, autocratic and revolutionary tenets; You must accept and work on constructive criticisms from the opposition and the media, and accept that the official and primary function of the opposition is to criticize/ bring out the lapses/shortfalls of the ruling party; Concentrate on issues that will contribute to good governance, peace and security so that the governed can see and feel that you and your party in power have the capability to protect them and create a safe environment for them; Denounce and reject thuggery, violence, vulgarity, human rights violations and barbarism in this 21st Century political dispensation; The President (your Leader) should be in absolute control and not to be manipulated and regulated at wheel by buffoons and rogues around him; Political tolerance should be a best practice to be adopted; Even distribution of state’s resources; Honest and sincere leadership/statesmanship and not the do as I say but not as I do phenomenon; Your party should not go with the view that politics is a do or die affair, that no matter what they would never leave power or accept change of any nature even if they fail to deliver; The Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendation must be implemented (particularly incorporating the armed wing of the police into the general Force ) and finally, the opposition should not sense fear from your party or that your party is being threatened by the opposition’s strategy to bounce back - you can counter their plans through a non-violence means (Remember you always claimed to be a new APC and not the old one that is full of barbarism, thuggery, corruption, violence etc which you are yet to prove). Your party should concentrate on how to curb the increase armed robberies, silent assassinations, teachers’ strike actions, lecturers’ strike actions in the mid of examinations in tertiary institutions, increase revenue generation base, improve the low and dehumanizing salaries for government workers and not sending thugs to loot, mal-handle and rape innocent women who have the right to belong to any party they choose to.

Let me iterate here that if the government fails to provide safe and stable environment for its citizen, you (the APC led Government) would have the blame. Are you going to tell level headed donors and partners that it is because "the opposition doesn’t respect our leader", "don’t want to recognize our government", or "don’t want to accept defeat", that’s why you failed to ensure that the country is stable and secure? It will be a plus on the side of the opposition, which is a pointer to the fact that you are incapable to responsibly govern the people. Besides, investors and potential investors would be scared away by always acting/reacting violently to trivialities/matters that can be settled by subtle but sure means, and which eventually would end up having serious economic implication on the country for days or weeks, and that will also be a minus on your side as a ruling party.

Of all of the above, the government in power and the opposition, who is provoking the people of Sierra Leone? A government that fails to ensure the safety and security of its citizens, to maintain peace and stability by failing to avoid reacting to any possible crisis or provocation, and by refusing to understand that one party system is no more enticing in the world, is a failed government. It is no wonder why, because of the extent of the provocation of the citizens by the ruling party, people are now saying "tra dae betteh pas tidae" and "bar nyaa fakie". There is an irony in almost every point that these FOOLS wanted to portray There is an irony in the name of the authors of the article. How progressive are they (that is if they do exist) when their ideas are clouded in tribalism, regionalism, sycophancy and subjectivity because they want political recognition and tips from powers above, not looking at the consequences (in the future) of the occurrences of today.

© Copyright 2005, Freetown, Sierra Leone.