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New People Newspaper invited to carry Ambassador Christian Kargbo's Right to Reply
By Awareness Times
Apr 7, 2009, 20:33

The New People Newspaper has been invited by The Awareness Times Newspaper to carry the side of Ambassador Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo in the interest of fairness. H.E. Dr Christian Sheka Kargbo is the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Sierra Leone to the European Union. He is concurrently accredited as his countryís Ambassador Extraordinary to Belgium, the Netherlands, the Grandy Duchy of Luxembourg, France and the Holy See. He is also Sierra Leone's Permanent Delegate to UNESCO, to the World Trade Organization and to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.
Last year, Ambassador Dr. Christian Sheka Kargbo presents his Credentials to Josť Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission
Dr. Kargbo contacted Awareness Times this evening to present rebuttal points to the recent New People article against his person. However, as is the policy of this newspaper, we have invited New People to carry the side of Dr. Christian Kargbo failing which, we will then carry his own side in our news medium.
We are currently awaiting the response from the New People Newspaper. We have no doubt that they will honour our call for them to give the Right-to-Reply to Dr. Christian Kargbo. They have done this in the past.
The refusal by us to carry Dr. Kargbo's reaction to the New People Newspaper is a standard policy of Awareness Times. We do not publish reactions to articles not originally published in our newspaper unless in extreme cases of national interest. This is the reason why although Professor Kelfala Kallon sent his rebuttal to one Kemoh Sulimani of Cocorioko, since the original Sulimani piece was not published by us, we could not publish the good professor's rebuttal.
Should the New People fail to carry the full rebuttal by Ambassador Kargbo, we will be forced to carry it ourselves.

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