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Status Of CDIID Investigations Into Complaints Of Unprofessional Conduct Of Idrissa Kamara (A.K.A. Leatherboot) & Other Members Of Presidential Guard.
Apr 22, 2009, 15:30

15, Wallace Johnson Street, Freetown

Chief Superintendent of Police F.U.K. Daboh
Complaints, Disciplinary, Internal Investigations Department,
Sierra Leone Police Headquarters, George Street, Freetown.

April 20th, 2009

Dear Sir,


I am writing with reference to the above subject and to seek update on your investigations into formal complaints made by my party, the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) against police personnel attached to State House, led by Police Constable Idrissa Kamara (a.k.a. Leatherboot) who we assert unlawfully broke into the premises of our party at 15 Wallace Johnson Street, ahead of other members of the Presidential Guards, and other revelers purported to be supporters of the ruling All Peoples Congress (APC) party on Monday, March 16th, 2009.

Sir, you may recall that the ugly incident of reference has caused our party and most Sierra Leoneans great consternation, given the unprovoked and barbaric nature of the attack on our members and the wanton destruction of property. You will also recall that the egregious nature of this conduct of armed service personnel makes it most unfortunate, thereby requiring internal investigation by your department.

Sir, you will also agree that the Truth & Reconciliation Commission set up following the Lome Peace Accord to look into the sources of the eleven year barbaric conflict that rocked Sierra Leone, revealed one of the sources of bitterness in the country was the gross impunity for egregious actions committed by members of the armed forces during the years preceding the civil war. It was with this in mind that the erstwhile SLPP-led Government set up the Complaints, Disciplinary, Internal Investigations Department (CDIID) of the Sierra Leone Police which you currently head as Director.

The CDIID has the mandate to internally investigate acts of indiscipline by any serving police officer including even the Inspector General of Police.

The published mandate of the CDIID assures members of the civilian public that their complaints against serving Police Officers would be taken with all seriousness. We recall several such pronouncements from your Department and we also recall the fact that, in the recent past, when Police Officers are accused of such serious egregious violent acts against civilians, such police officers are usually sent on immediate suspension pending the outcome of investigations. We recall the complaint by the late journalist Harry Yansanneh against the Central Police’s ‘A’ Division, led to the immediate suspension of the Local Unit Commander of that division pending investigations by the CDIID.

However, in spite of the enormity of the allegations against these police officers, our party is stunned to learn that not only have none of the said State House Police Officers been sent on suspension but they are still being assigned to work in such close proximity to His Excellency the President of the Republic. That men accused of such serious crimes, by numerous complainants and eye-witnesses, are currently serving at our sacred Office of the Presidency has enormous moral implications for this country, casts a huge slur on the integrity of the Sierra Leone Police and by extension on you as the Director of the CDIID.

With all the foregoing, we are now seriously constrained to understand how come the CDIID, under your leadership as Director, can hope to inspire confidence from the civilian populace. We are constrained to buy into the public whisper that the CDIID, under your leadership has shoved the matter under the carpet.

We therefore urge you to make public the findings of your investigations, if indeed such has been conducted, if only to allay the fears of your compatriots who have been led to believe that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is aiding and abetting the violent crimes that have been meted out on our membership for political reasons.

While awaiting a prompt response from you on this extremely urgent matter,

I remain,
Yours truly,
John O. Benjamin
National Chairman, (SLPP)
CC: Secretary to the President
CC: Hon. Vice President and Chairman, Sierra Leone Police Board
CC: The Executive Management Board through the Inspector General of Police
CC: The Human Rights Commission
CC: The Political Parties Registration Commission
CC: The Executive Representative of the UN Secretary General (ERSG)
CC: The Diplomatic Community through the Dean of the Diplomatic Corps
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