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Sierra Leonean Bags Excellence & Leadership Award in the UK
May 1, 2009, 15:41

A Sierra Leonean, Mrs. Cecilia Allie, who is the Clinical Head for Health Visiting at the Craven Park Health Centre in Harlesden, in London, received a prestigious award from the Borough of Brent National Health Services (NHS), the Primary Care Trust (PCT), in recognition of her excellence and inspirational leadership to her colleagues.

The citation at the awards ceremony at Wembley Stadium on the 22nd of January 2009, recognized and praised the efforts of Mrs. Allie in bringing together diverse healthcare professionals and clinical groups with a view to effectively administer and enhance the healthcare services in the Harlesden community.

Her contributions to the community are invaluable and resourceful. She was described in the citation as being ‘part of the fabric’ of not only the clinic but also of the community she has been serving. Reference was made to her going the ‘extra mile’ to bring the old and the young together for the annual Christmas Carol Services and for organizing various charity lunches, gift giving and other events in the local community. Her support and participation in the Development of Education for Parenthood Groups in the Harlesden area has been acclaimed by colleagues to be popular with the local clientele.

Colleagues have referred to her active involvement in the development and implementation of a dynamic and highly successful corporate working health visiting model at the Craven Park Health Centre.

Prior to joining the NHS Brent PCT, she worked for many years as Ward Sister (then Sister Cecilia Samba) at hospitals in Freetown and Bo; and the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, England. Mrs. Allie studied in the Republic of Ireland and the UK as State Registered Nurse (SRN) and State Certified Midwife (SCM). She holds a Masters degree in Health Promotion, a Post Graduate Diploma in Public Health and is a qualified Nurse Tutor.

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