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23 year old Accounts Clerk Beaten Up and Arrested at Newspaper Offices
May 12, 2009, 17:40

The 23 year old student who volunteers as an Accounts Clerk at the Awareness Times, Mr. Abubakarr I. Kamara, has been given a good beating and roughed up by police officers who say since they cannot find Sylvia Blyden at the offices, they will go with him instead. Mr. Abubakarr Kamara, an ACCA student who helps with the paper's Accounts, was very polite and courteous to the officers. He allowed them to open all the filing cabinets and even inside the toilets to search the entire offices. They found NOTHING subversive and then they insisted that since Sylvia Blyden was not around, he should go with them in her place. When he tried to explain that he was just an ordinary clerk, he was physically beaten up. He is being bundled right now in a brutal manner down the steps of the offices.

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