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For writing about Arabella Foray, Sierra Leone President Threatens Sierra Leone Journalists with Seditious Libel Case
By New People (Sierra Leone)
May 14, 2009, 18:51

It is now clear that the President of Sierra Leone either has no control over his Press Secretary Sheka Tarawalie insofar as harassment of journalists is concerned or he is the one giving Tarawalie the go-ahead to threaten local Sierra Leone journalists with seditious libel charges because they wrote about one woman named Arabella Foray who is widely believed to have an intimate relationship with the President.

President Koroma is a handsome man with many female admirers

According to the Global Times newspaper of yesterday, Sheka Tarawalie bluffed that he was the one who asked the police to harass local journalists at the popular Awareness Times newspaper whom have all now gone underground after a massive manhunt was launched for them nationwide by police officers who should be better serving the Nation by searching for armed robbers and corrupt businessmen than threatening local journalists for merely writing about a relationship between the President and this Arabella Foray.

It will be recalled that recently, Arabella Forayís sister/cousin known as Betty Foray, co-edited a Peep (Incorporating Evening Scoop) edition that claimed the President was on the verge of splitting off from his wife of over twenty years, First Lady Sia Koroma. However, the President at that time did not overtly see anything wrong with that article that merited hunting down local journalists into hiding. But he now apparently sees great wrong with the recent article that damned the reported false portrayal of Arabella Foray as a First Lady who would be visiting Kailahun.

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