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Dr. Sama Banya Writes on Presidential Visits to Kailahun
By Dr. Sama Banya
May 15, 2009, 22:58

Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma is the President of Sierra Leone. He attained to that very high office on the wings of the All Peoples Congress APC of which I am not a supporter; nor did I vote for him. But the reality is that although I constantly criticize his government and wish that come 2012, the electorate will vote in favour of the SLPP, the bottom line is that Ernest is the President. I will resist the temptation to repeat Septimus Kaikai’s “Our President” slogan and simply say that he remains my President until sharp 12, 2012 when he would gracefully hand over to his SLPP successor.

Were the President to plan a visit to Kailahun district today, not just I, but I believe everyone who counts in that district will be there to receive their President. Similarly were the First Lady Sia Koroma to plan a visit to the district she will be received as the spouse of the President. At a personal level, for me and for the rest of the Kailondo Banya family, it would be a great joy to receive her and pour a libation for her. Her great grandfather Tologekeh was one of Kailondo’s right hand warriors. He was buried in the village of Mofindo, Luawa chiefdom close to the border with Guinea. When the Eastern Stars Association of Bo School went to stage a concert in Kailahun, late Abu Koroma, the first Lady’s father insisted on visiting Tologekeh’s grave.

If his Excellency or his Spouse decides to visit Kailahun district, there is a proper channel of communication which would reach all the people. Just for the record, the Local government Ministry and the Resident Minister would convey the message through the Inspector General of Police to the Chairman of the District Council and to all Paramount chiefs etc.

But when school drop-outs and never-do-wells take such immense responsibility on their own it only ends in chaos and embarrassment. Lamin Vonjo Ngobeh lost the Paramount chieftaincy election in Luawa; he lost the Parliamentary election; he couldn’t get enough Tax payers to vote in his brother as Town chief of Kailahun and yet he is constantly feeding false information to newspapers like the African champion and the standard times. Such newspapers will never get their correspondents to investigate and report on the reality on the ground, but rely on the same Vonjo as their source of information especially if his story contains any element of anti-Banya propaganda.

And if my lack of modesty here could be excused, I can say categorically that if President Koroma decides on a visit to Kailahun, I would be among the first group of people to be informed.

Of Lamin Vonjo Ngobeh and the ministry of Local government staff during the 2003 Paramount chieftaincy elections, I shall educate readers of this column at the appropriate time.

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