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APC Kono Youths Challenge Presidentís Vision...By Gang-Raping an SLPP Woman
May 18, 2009, 16:26

Ruling All Peopleís Congress (APC) youths in the diamond-rich district of Kono in the Eastern Province have openly challenged the vision of His Excellency the President who has been working day and night to promote political tolerance in Sierra Leone.

It will be recalled that H.E. Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma who is also the Chairman/Leader of the APC, during the just concluded APC Convention, had threatened to deal harshly with any of his party supporters who perpetuated violence in the land.

Last weekend, President Koroma demonstrated such sincerity of purpose by immediately relieving his personal photographer, Alimamy Kamara, of his duties at State House because he got himself involved in a violent attack on local journalist Umaru Sitta Turay, the Editor of the New People Newspaper. Mr. Turay was on Thursday 14th May 2009 stabbed near his jugular neck vein whilst at the newspaperís 33 Bathurst Street offices. Indications were that the Government wishes to reaffirm its commitment to justice, fairness and equality before the Law for all.

However, despite such laudable welcomed moves by President Koroma to end political intolerance in this country, our correspondents on the ground in Kono have reported that APC youths in that District are very determined to make a nonsense of the Presidentís sincerity towards giving the people of this country, a chance to live and co-exist in peace.

Well known APC supporters in that district, have overtly challenged the Presidentís sincerity towards the promotion of political tolerance by openly perpetuating violence against SLPP members to the extent of gang-raping a female SLPP supporter.

APC Thugs led by a notorious APC Youth Leader in Kono in the early morning hours of yesterday Sunday May 17th 2009, allegedly kidnapped an SLPP woman (name withheld) and gang-raped her in a fresh show of political violence in the diamond rich Kono district.

The SLPP, led by its National Chairman, John Benjamin, had been in Kono yesterday to hold Memorial Rites in honour of the late SLPP Strongman, Paul Dumbar. After the traditional rites yesterday where libation was poured at the grave of the late man, the SLPP party held a small disco party which got disrupted by maurauding APC thugs.

In the ensuing melee with everyone fleeing for their lives, this Kono woman was openly captured off an Okada Motorbike along Kainkordu Road near Richmond Nightclub, allegedly beaten up, stabbed and gang-raped by several APC youths led by one man simply identified as Adamu. Earlier in the day, Adamu had publicly threatened the gathering of SLPP supporters that SLPP will never rise in Kono again. Unknown persons suspected to be APC supporters had the night before plastered loads of stale human faeces with maggots all over the SLPP Party Offices in Kono as well as on the homes and shops of well known SLPP supporters in Koidu town.

Other victims of this fresh political violence and intolerance are other Kono women who though not raped, sustained serious physical injuries from stones hurled at them by Adamu and his group.

The allegedly raped Kono woman was treated at the Kono Government Hospital by one Dr. Lebbie who abandoned church to rush to the hospital to attend to the woman. Dr. Lebbie spoke to our correspondent journalist and confirmed that the alleged victim is expected to be examined by the Rainbow Center in Kono later today. As at press-time, the Police are said to be investigating the matter of both the rape and the physical assaults which now makes a complete mockery of the Presidentís sincerity towards political tolerance in the country.

However, sources close to President Koroma indicates that he is extremely furious with the latest development and has vowed to "leave no stone unturned" to deal with the alleged perpetrators in Kono as their actions are a direct attack on his authority and his spoken words of assurance to the nation.

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