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United Nations Radio accused of Rwandan-Style Broadcasts in Sierra Leone
May 20, 2009, 19:20

Sylvia Blyden Indicts UN Radio Written by THE NEW VISION NEWSPAPER (

Popular journalist and publisher of the country’s most widely read (electronics and otherwise) newspaper Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, has blasted the UN Radio for airing what she described as bad press release circulated by the Sierra Leone Police.

In a very cool and calm mood the mercurial Sylvia Blyden charged the UN Radio of veering off their responsibilities and airing a notice that had the potential of jeopardizing her life. The medico-cum-IT specialist told the whole country through the very UN Radio how irresponsible they were in airing the police press release and refused to turn up to the police unless she is accompanied by the UN staff.

She calmly narrated what the police and government are crying wolf over where none exists, saying that her lawyers had contacted them and told them they will turn up with her as soon as she was back from a trip from the provinces. She said she was taken aback, dismayed and flabbergasted when she was told that the SLP had put out a wanted notice for her. The fearless Dr. Blyden emphasised that she has not committed murder or a treasonable offence for the SLP to put such a notice, which put her life at risk.

The ‘tea-break’ program presenter Samuel Val Cassel tried to put up a feeble defence for his institution but was ridiculed each time by the erudite Sylvia Blyden and he had to ‘stop her there’, when the embarrassment became too much for him to handle with a fragile defence.;=view&id;=1281&Itemid;=1

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