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Lebanese President Slaps Sierra Leonean
By Theophilus .S. Gbenda & Augustine Samba
May 21, 2009, 17:20

Samir Hassaneh, the Chairman of the Lebanese Committee in Sierra Leone, yesterday Wednesday 20th May 2009, assaulted a Sierra Leonean national named Mohamed Lamin Tarawaley, who happens to be the Administrative Assistant at the Karl Travel Agency at Rawdon Street in Freetown.

Mohamed Lamin Tarawaley: Victim of Lebanese brutality

This happened in the presence of one Inspector Musa Bangura attached at the Central Police Division, who impeccable reports say aided and abated Mr. Samir Hassaneh in his action against Mr. Mohamed Lamin Tarawaley.

Accordingly, the whole episode started in the early hours of yesterday, when Mr. Mohamed Lamin Tarawaley was trying to park his vehicle in an open parking space in front of his office.

Whilst on that, some workers of Mr. Samir Hassaneh showed up in front of him and stopped him from parking his car at the usual parking space.

Asked why they were preventing him from parking his car, Mr. Samir Hassanehís workers pointed out to him that the said space has been officially allocated to their boss by the police.

Mr. Tarawalie however dismissed the workers on grounds that the police have no right to allocate a parking space to anyone.

The insistence of Mr. Tarawalie to park his vehicle at the said space saw the workers throwing all sorts of invectives at him, thus generating a heated argument between them.

Mr. Samir Hassaneh is reported to have used his personal mobile phone to invite Inspector Musa Bangura to the scene.

On arrival at the scene, Inspector Musa Bangura alongside six other police officers, reportedly sided with Mr. Samir Hassaneh and his boys, instructing Mr. Tarawalie to move his vehicle immediately from the place or be dragged in police cell where nobody will bail him.

Mr. Tarawalie, despite threats by Inspector Musa Bangura, refused to move his vehicle and strolled instead into his office.

Inspector Musa Bangura alongside Mr. Samir Hassaneh, followed him right into his office where following a direct verbal confrontation between him and Mr. Hassaneh, the latter raised his hand and gave him a heavy punch in the face.

Explaining his part, Lebanese Chairman Samir Hassaneh maintained that the place rightfully belongs to him and that nobody has the right to park his vehicle there without his expressed approval, adding that the place was allocated to him by the police.

Independent reports intimate that this is not the first time Mr. Hassaneh is manhandling people over the said piece of parking space.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tarawalie has made formal complaints to the relevant authorities and is poised to follow the matter to its logical conclusion.

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