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Sierra Leone Peopleís Party National Secretariat
May 22, 2009, 17:26


May 21, 2009
The Executive Secretary
Independent Media Commission
Siaka Stevens Street

Dear Mr. Lamin,

Complaints against Ms. Claudia Anthony, UN Radio

I wish to submit a formal complaint against Ms. Claudia Anthony, UN Radio for her Report on UN Radio, Tea Break Programme, Thursday, May 21, 2009 edition. She reported her investigation of the rape of Ms, Sia Manga, an SLPP supporter by an APC supporter named Adamu resident in Kono. According to the report filed by Claudia Anthony, the investigation into the rape case indicates there was no evidence of rape.

The matter is currently with the police for investigation. The Rainbow Centre in Kono has completed its report. The Rainbow Centre should only release its report to an appropriate authority, the Police. Also, WHO standard requires that the report can only be presented in a court of law when demanded.

We therefore consider the report filed by Ms. Claudia Anthony on UN Radio as unprofessional, untrue and a deliberate attempt to misinform the public for reasons best known to her.

We therefore demand from the UN Radio and Ms. Claudia Anthony a retraction and an apology in respect of this erroneous report.

Best Regards.
Yours sincerely,

Ibrahim El-Tayyib Bah
National Publicity Secretary

Copy: National Chairman, SLPP
         National Secretary-General
         Executive Representative of the
         UN Secretary-General
         Officer-in-Charge, UN Radio
         The Press

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