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APC North America PRO Advises SLPP
By Essa Thaim Kurugba, (APC PRO)
Jun 25, 2009, 17:23

The SLPP online propaganda machine is solidly bolstering the leadership of President Koroma. This online paper – "The New People", had never published a piece of good news about Sierra Leone or an iota of the current social and economic developments which the Koroma Administration had achieved since APC regain its legislative power in the country. When I see this God-sent President of the people with his tenacious Vice President doing good things despite the numerous negative comments from the opposition, believe me, I see diligence and fortitude. I know that our leadership can see criticism and failure as an essential part of the learning process and will remain committed to its goals, dreams, and aspirations for the nation. To be honest, some successful political leaders like Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma use seemingly "negative" experiences to guide them on their political path to success, rather than see mistakes as proof of their failure to achieve success.

There is one thing I will not hesitate to say, which is that, the APC party is gaining momentum day in and day out – and there is no question about it. A well advanced nation like the United States had no room for people who feel they are above the law. The majority of APC supporters are good people who respect authority; so if Chairman John Oponjo Benjamin was ridiculed, interrogated and detained by the United States Department of Homeland Security at the Washington Dulles International Airport, APC is not responsible. In retrospect, what has this got to do with the APC government, and who cares anyway? All the blame game is ineffective.

The Ahmed Tejan Kabbah Administration of the SLPP government was like George Orwell’s "Animal Farm"; and John Oponjo Benjamin was the character called "Boxer", who was very hard working but frustrated with the then status-quo. Boxer was arrogant, recalcitrant, militant and full of self-indulgent characteristics in "Animal Farm". Almost, many members at this SLPP’s "Animal Farm" are still frustrated and currently not happy with the status quo of their political line up. I want to make this known to those SLPP supporters who are supporting a seemingly "Boxer" character, that they are suffering from ennui and languor. They also lack the courage to accommodate their frustration for losing the 2007 elections and the frustration is haunting them year in and year out. They need to chill out from politicking; try to recoup and build up good faith in themselves. They will need a political report card to correct their failures. Not only that, they will also need to keep a low profile from the political arena so that they can self improve for the next fifteen years period to help them ease their frustration. It can sometimes be a decisive factor between success and failure. So comrades, go consider about it, sit tight and wait for 2027.

When political junkies are full of disparagement or criticism against a sitting government, it could be very much disturbing; and could have damaging impacts on our country’s leadership and its socio-economic development. The angst-ridden frustration within the SLPP supporters is very unpredictable. They can also assume a positive mind and try not to be a bunch of disconcerted politicians as they seem to portray. Their behavior can inhibit their progress and in the most extreme case, can put them completely out of action. They could become so wounded by their aggravation that they could end up thinking or acting irrationally. In the end, they could end up as a bunch of less aggressive political planners for a long time to come. The current SLPP is losing their grip. Frustration can often exacerbate failure and their political situation will create a vicious circle of odium and an extreme dislike for their own people. We, as a nation, are not convinced that the SLPP’s move to blame the APC all the time for political failure is right; and we even think it is absurd. All SLPP supporters need to get their acts together and ease off on the politics of destruction and deception. Again, no matter how hard these SLPP online newspapers try to tarnish, smudge and blemish the leadership effort of the APC government, they are much more likely to fail, rather than increase their slim chances of success to even win a Parliamentary Seat come 2012.

More meticulously, I have heard that, there are countless incidences of frustration in the SLPP camp, and they have no one else to blame but their leadership. There are no simple answers or remedies to what is pulling them down to their knees. Some political supporters simply gave up on what they were trying to achieve; while other supporters walk away from the cause and join other political parties. It is also easy to know that it will be too late to face the problem rationally once they decide to come back to it. Stepping back from their frustration and calming themselves down by cutting down the blame game will help this ailing party see things more clearly in future.

When APC party was in opposition, successful political members in the APC have to deal with plenty of frustration as they progress toward their goals, consequently leading to the party’s success in the 2007 elections. The APC’s frustration over poor results during the 2002 general elections led the party back to the drawing board where the party was able to regroup and inspire its members, which ultimately led to the big win in 2007.

Conclusively, the SLPP must certainly learn some strategies and techniques from the "The Big Boss" (APC) on how to deal with failure and frustration. They should also learn how to overcome their problems and be more productive. They should learn to work, rather than compete, with the APC by supporting the government of the day and appreciate the work done so far by the APC government. The pathetic and feeble SLPP political supporters really need self-improvement to triumph over their current heartbreaking frustration which is crushing their success at every level of the political spectrum in Sierra Leone.

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