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In Sierra Leone, No Corpse Woke Up in Freetown
By Abdul Fonti & Sylvia Blyden
Jun 25, 2009, 17:30

The Chief Executive of the Columbia Davies Funeral Home, Madam Junietta Macaulay has spoken to Awareness Times during which she completely debunked a wild rumour that spread in Freetown yesterday June 24th 2009 that a corpse of a late female school teacher (name withheld) which had been kept at her Funeral Home, woke up during the Funeral Service at the St. Johnís Church in Central Freetown and proceeded to slap the Pastor.

"There is no truth to that rumour. My driver and porters were there at the church and nothing like that happened," an irate Junietta Macauley debunked.

A huge crowd of Freetown residents had gathered at the church and later at the Cemetery to catch a glimpse of the alleged resurrected corpse. It became so chaotic at one point that the Police had to intervene and fire tear-gas to disperse the crowd especially at the cemetery where local residents had taken up arms to prevent the corpse from being laid to rest there. The residents cited that the corpse used to be an alleged witch when she was living and that she had even used to wake up in the middle of the night at the Columbia Davies Funeral Home to disturb the other corpse and night staff.

"No corpse created any disturbance at my Funeral Home. That poor womanís corpse was peacefully lying in her coffin. She had a very peaceful smile on her face. I helped to dress and powder her up and even helped her husband place her wedding ring on her finger. What is being said is just rubbish from idlers and it is very sad that people not only believed the rubbish but they actually flocked to the church and cemetery in their idleness," Junietta Macauley ended in a dismayed tone of voice.

When Awareness Times visited the Steward Street residence of the late woman last night, her relatives were found in a sombre, confused mood. They explained they could not understand the source of the vicious rumour against the late woman but left everything in the hands of the Almighty.

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