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Witchery Uncovered at Residence of Sierra Leone President
Aug 28, 2009, 17:22

A "traditional healer" popularly known as an ARIOGBO has been reportedly brought into the Hill Station premises of the Official Residence of the President of Sierra Leone to unearth the names of the "Witches" who have allegedly struck mal-progress into Presidential affairs.

The amazing report indicates that the Ariogbo was brought into State Lodge by the Chief Security Officer to His Excellency the President, Mr. Kelfa S. Bangura, who actually penned down a Letter on official Government Letterhead on the issue.

Awareness Times has been given an original copy of the signed letter which we are publishing below this article.

In addition to this August 17th 2009 Letter, Dr. Julius Spencer's Premier Newspaper has even more details of the amazing development at the highest office in the land in which it is reported that President Koroma used to be hale and hearty and popularly moving Sierra Leone in a positive direction until he relocated from his Goderich residence to the Hill Station State Lodge following which he is currently mal-affected in matters of the State. This, is attributed to the "Witches" that the hired Ariogbo has discovered to have "afflicted" the Water Tank of the State Lodge. However, if the reports are to be believed, the President has now reportedly stopped using any water fetched from that particular bewitched Water Tank.

There has been complete silence to the revelations so far that the State Lodge is inhabited by these "Witches" as unearthed by an Ariogbo. It will be recalled that a few months ago, State House issued a directive calling on all of the populace to Fast and Pray for ninety (90) days so as to remove demonic influences from the Land.

The amazing signed Letter follows:

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