From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Witches, Ariogbo, Matorma, What Next?
By Sheka Farana
Sep 1, 2009, 16:24

It all started with the coming to town of a masked devil called matorma. Public events or celebrations of the ruling APC party would not end without the performance of the ‘all powerful matorma’. Matorma is a red claded mask devil that forced people to bow to it whenever it performs. A vast majority of Sierra Leoneans now believe that they would die or at least be harmed if they fail to follow the steps or dance as the matorma does during it performances. Bowing to the matorma where ever it goes is also a traditional policy. All present where the matorma is performing will lay flat on the ground when ever the devil did, so that they would not die, as several people have been convinced to believe. The performance of matorma has severally been used to intimidate supporters of the main opposition Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), as it is always at the forefront of jubilating APC supporters to display it crafts in front of the headquarters of the SLPP.

As if the ‘almighty matorma’ was not enough, the pages of local newspapers within the past few days are filled with reports of ariogbos investigating activities of witches and strange behaviours within the Presidency? That ariogbos have been parading the State Lodge vicinity in search of what is best known to those who invited them is no more news in Sierra Leone.

There is also this rumour all around town that witches and wizards are responsible for the repeated damaging of the Guma Valley water pipes. Some are even alleging that the State Lodge ariogbos have announced that the witches and wizards at the Guma pipe are demanding human sacrifice in order to appease them or they will keep on damaging the pipe and citizens would continue to be starved of water supply.

Is Sierra Leone gradually becoming an evil paradise?

Matorma has now given birth to quadruplets: a devil with no hands and feet that requested to see the President but later turned into a dead fowl, ariogbos, wizards and witches. What next does the red administration have for us?

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