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In Sierra Leone, Ariogbo Says Witches Cause Repeated Damage to Guma Pipe
By Our Special Reporter
Sep 1, 2009, 16:22

Following the repeat incidents in the last one month during which severe damage was occasioned on the main water pipe supplying Sierra Leone’s capital city, Freetown, the Government has issued out a Press Release on the burning issue.  However, a group of Sierra Leone citizens who still believe in such weird and bizarre activities in this 21st Century, have now been said to have sought the “amazing services” of a “traditional masquerade” commonly known as an ARIOGBO to determine a spiritual answer to the repeat incidents.

Awareness Times has yesterday learnt that the Ariogbo has “revealed” that according to his sorcery (Look-Gron), the repeated damage to the main pipe was caused by nothing else except three (3) witches who are currently residing in the environs of official State Lodge residence of H.E. President Koroma.It will be recalled that recent news reports stated of associates of the Presidency importing an Ariogbo to perform ‘de-witching’ services on State Lodge premises. This Ariogbo had proceeded to determine the presence of a bunch of witches and wizards at the Presidential premises who were supposedly hampering the President.

Although it has now been “revealed” that the repeat damage to the Water Pipe is due to handiwork of Witches, what is not clear is if it is the same set of Witches that the earlier Ariogbo had previously uncovered, who are also responsible for this affliction to the Guma Water Pipe or if this is a fresh set of witches. The earlier Witches had allegedly afflicted the Water Tank at the President’s Lodge whilst these current Witches have afflicted the Water Pipe to entire city of Freetown.Our sources did not see anything ludicruous in the developments as they cite that if no less an institution than the Presidency itself was associated with Ariogbo business, it must be a very legitimate and acceptable activity.



Monday, August 31st 2009: Engineers at the Guma Valley Water Company are replacing a section of damaged piping at Angola Town and will restore water supply to Freetown and the surrounding areas by Thursday, September 3, 2009, the Ministry of Energy and Water Resources announced today.

The 28-inch diameter pipe was damaged on August 4, 2009 whilst CSE was taking soil samples in relation to their construction of the Lumley Tokeh Road.

The puncture was mended within days, but due to high pressure on the supply line, the mend came off. Engineers then re-welded the pipe and inserted three concrete anchors to prevent leaking. However, when the supply was re-opened, it leaked again.

To ensure a lasting solution to this problem, the entire section of damaged piping will now be removed and replaced.

As a result, water supply to the city will again be disrupted. However, water bowsers will be available around the city to ease shortages and enable essential services to function as normal.

The Minister of Energy and Water Resources, Professor Ogunlade Davidson, said: "We understand the difficulties that this accident has caused. We are doing everything we can to minimize the disruption to people’s lives and restore normal water supply as soon as possible. We will also be seeking reassurances from CSE that they are taking whatever steps are necessary to prevent this kind of incident from happening again in future."

The following areas will be serviced by Water Bowsers:

· Law Courts
· New England Ville (incl SLBS)
· Special Court
· PWD/Campbel Street
· Bellair Park
· Health Ctr, Dwarzack
· Brookfields
· Lumley Community
· Congo Town
· Regent Road Hosp, Lumley
· Military Hospital
· Wilberforce Village
· Murraytown Municipal School
· Aberdeen Village Field
· Connaught Hospital
· Emergency Hosp, Goderich
· Kingharman Clinic
· Macauley St. Clinic/Community
· Malama Community Lumley
· Kissy Mental Hospital + Comm
· Gov Satellite, Rokupr
· Wellington Clinic
· Under 5, Up Gun
· School Clinic, Ross Road
· Calaba Town, Bottle Field
· Wellington, Haja Fatmata
· Kissy Area, LowCost field
· Ferry junction, Ahmadiya School
· Attouga Field
· Fourah Bay Field

· Patton Street #END

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