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Sierra Leone's Government of Reassurances: We Have Had Enough!
By Abdul Fonti
Sep 4, 2009, 18:18

The All People’s Congress (APC) led government continues to assure and reassure Sierra Leoneans that their government would better the lives of the citizens and make Sierra Leone a paradise.

It is no secret that most Sierra Leoneans have become fed up with the unending promises of the APC. It could be recalled that these promises, that are yet to manifest any actuality, started way back during the campaign period leading to the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections.

During the aforesaid campaign period, the then opposition APC fooled the citizens into believing that Sierra Leone would automatically be transformed into a paradise in a twinkle of an eye, after they (APC) would have attained the citadel of power. As a result of this, the unsuspecting citizens, who were very desperate for development and were, in that regard, looking forward into electing a developmental oriented government, succumbed to the sugar coated vibes of the ‘red’ propagandaists and overwhelmingly voted them into power. Unfortunately however, two years approaching since the APC assumed governance, little or no progress is yet to be made in those directions.

As if our elected leaders are demonstrating the highest standard of being insensitive to the sufferings of it citizens, they continue to make additional promises rather than intensifying moves towards the actualization of their electioneering promises. A line up of the APC’s electioneering promises include: quality education for all school goers, employment for all the youths, provision of potable water, review of the 1965 Public Order Act, better working conditions, etc etc, the list is endless. Unfortunately however, it only remains approximately two weeks for the APC to become two years old in power on September 17th 2009, but most or all of it promises are still hanging in the air.

The citizens continue to swim in the river of abject poverty and tough living conditions; youths continue to languish unemployed; standard of education continue to enjoy a disgraceful drop; prices of basic food stuff and other items continue to maintain a steady hike; and among others, water and fish are now been dubbed a crisis in our beloved Sierra Leone.

Worst of all, the government is seemingly making it a policy to continue to reassure the people of this country of unachievable promises. President Koroma would always say: “Let me reaffirm my government’s commitment to…” whilst Information Minister IB Kargbo would not complete a statement without saying: “Our government is committed to…”

The people of this country are becoming disgruntled and tired of listening to reassurances and commitments. Sierra Leoneans deserve better than empty promises. What they wanted when they vote the APC to power was positive change and development.

As if the unending reassurances were not enough for poor Sierra Leoneans, the President recently told the citizens that “Una nor see natin yate” (You are yet to see more of what I have done so far). The President made this comment during the National Delegates Conference of the People’s Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). Initially, the unsuspecting populace was unable to place a possible interpretation to the comment: “Una nor see natin yate”, until when news recently break out about an “Ariogbo” devil that was imported from somewhere in the provinces to perform its sorcery or secret crafts at State Lodge.

Could this be a possible interpretation to what that adage meant? Several people are now wondering and questioning.

The citizens were only assured few weeks back that they were yet to see more of what they were going through and now ariogbos, matormas, witches and wizards are now parading all over the city displaying their secret crafts in public in broad daylight. The coming into power of the red administration has also recorded an increase in the number of alleged witch doctors in the city. These witch doctors have been said to be responsible for numerous untimely deaths in the city. They are notorious for using “witch guns”, inflicting ‘big foot’, blockages and can even kill somebody for a pay as low as Le5,000 and less. No Joke if the allegations are to be believed. Disheartening to note also is the fact that although the areas where these people are residing to spiritually inflict harm on innocent citizens are no more secret, they are still left to carry on these evil, secret activities unchecked right inside the city.

I am not disputing the fact that ariogbos, matormas, witch doctors or kamajors did not exist in Sierra Leone in the past, but what I want to reiterate here is that those of us residing in the city never set eyes on those devils or sorcerers, especially when they are displaying their crafts, until after the assumption of power of the APC. Matormas, ariogbos and witch doctors as we used to know were secret societies that perform their crafts in their society bushes, thick forests, not cities.

The APC’s “almighty Matorma” has abandoned the evil forest to take up an appointment in the red administration. Yes, Matorma has been crowned Leader of APC’s rallies. The red claded mask devil is always leading any rally in the city that is organized by the APC.

Matorma dictates when everybody must lay flat on the ground and also when onlookers must dance and even how innocent bystanders should dance. Sometimes, people are ordered to dance with just a single foot or face bad happenings mysteriously occuring to them like death! What an intimidation?! What have we done to deserve such treatments? Is this the prize the citizens have to pay for voting APC to power?

Amidst the Matorma intimidation of citizens, especially opposition supporters, the imported ariogbo, who has now been dubbed “JC Ariogbo”, is now giving explanations to important state issues. Did I hear that it was this “State Ariogbo” that said the repeated damages on the Guma water pipe was caused by witches attached to the pipes?

What about the rumoured devil without hands and feet that requested to talk to the President and was said to be travelling to Freetown from the deep forests of Koinadugu? I was told he was sent by a devil called “Ronsho”, who happens to be a vertically-challenged devil.

The people of this country voted humans into powers and not Ronshos, Ariogbos or Matormas. Let there be separation of species. Let the devils stay in the bushes where they belong, whilst the humans continue to maintain the cities, towns and villages. The citizens have had enough of this “devils in the city” scandal.

Also, let our government start working. We are tired of hearing assurances and reassurances. Stop the talks and start the works. Enough is enough. We’ve had enough.

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