From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Sep 4, 2009, 18:00

It is said that still waters run deep.  Indeed the clinical entity called Ramsy Medical Laboratories has been the leading Diagnostic Centre in Sierra Leone for many years, without overt advertisement in the electronic or print media.

You would be amazed to learn that twenty-two (22) years have gone by since the Opening Ceremony of its Head Quarters at first floor, Marong House, 11 Charlotte Street, Freetown, in February 1987, with the late Professor C.P.Foray as the Chairman and Moira Browne, as the Chief Medical Officer.  Imagine an indigenous Sierra Leonean Entity that has withstood the test of time to continue to operate for twenty-two (22) years, serving well over two hundred (200) Medical Doctors in this period.

L-R: PC Boima (late), Morlai Bai Kamara (Former Deputy Min. Of Health), & Prof. CP Foray (late), about to cut the tape with Steve Swarray Former Governor BSL and Alhaji Turay The Oldest Muslim Clergy in Bo, looking on.

This is a hallmark of discipline and financial prudency that must be recognised.  The name Ramsy, emanates from Ramatu and Dausy, parents of Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie, the erstwhile Minister of Education. Those of the older generation that worked with or served Kotoh Dausy would attest to his discipline and fair play, serving this nation in a multitude of positions including, Presidents of Sierra Leone Football Association (S.L.F.A.), Chamber of Commerce (S.L.C.C.), Young Muslim Mens Association (Y.M.M.A.) and the rare occurrence as Councillor for the Port Loko District Council (P.L.D.C.) and Freetown City Council (FCC).

This discipline must have been inculcated by his son to establish a scientific entity that has grown from humble beginnings and now collaborates with Fourah Bay College, College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, World Health Organisation and Ministry of Health, to perform a range of Scientific Research, some of which have been published in accredited Scientific/Medical Journals.

The union of Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie a Chemist and Dr Isatta M.Wurie, a PhD in Virology and an MSc in Biochemistry, has ensured that even the eleven (11) years sojourn of Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie into politics between 1996 - 2007, did not significantly deter the rate of growth of this establishment.

Ramsy House, 14 Liverpool St.

Having operated in a rented premise at 11 Charlotte Street for twenty-two (22) years, Ramsy quietly moved to its own purposely built Laboratories at 14 Liverpool Street without fanfare.  This is no mean feat. Some may call it steadfastness, others discipline or financial savvy, others still may use the African expression na blessing.  Whatever it is, the Business is grateful to the only Indigenous Sierra Leonean Bank Union Trust Bank Limited - for supporting this venture. 

Bravo to Sampha Koroma for investing in Sierra Leoneans that have demonstrated business skills to continue to grow.  Sierra Leoneans cannot do well without Bank support, and this is a classical example of what can be achieved. Although this Ultra Modern edifice has still not been officially opened, yet operations/investigations are now being undertaken at this site.

Typical of the expansionism and efficiency of Dr Alpha Tejan Wurie Ramsy re-launched its services at Bo on Saturday 15th August. At a well attended seminar cum reception cum lunch at Evelyn Restaurant, Fenton Road, Bo, His Lordship the Mayor, Medical Doctors and other medical personnel (Community Health Officers, Pharmacists, Nurses) and prominent professional and business people in Bo joined Dr Wurie in celebrating twenty (20) years of existence of Ramsy Medical Laboratory at Bo, which was opened in March 1989.

This became a perfect opportunity to re -launch its improved Diagnostic Services.  Furthermore, the audience was informed that the Bo Branch, with support from Sierra Leone Commercial Bank has secured its own premises at 54 Dambala Road, Bo.  The essence of the meeting was for the team to suggest the possible services that they would want the new Diagnostic Ramsy Medical Laboratory to provide x-ray Service, ECG, Health and Fitness Centre, etc as this would impact on the redesign of the building.

# 54 Dambala Road, Bo

Following lengthy deliberations, the Chairman, Dr Momodu Yilla declared the meeting closed after the vote of thanks was delivered by the Mayor of Bo City, Dr Wusu Sannoh.

From the re-launching date, the people of Bo anxiously await the transformation of the Dambala Road premises to a Modern Diagnostic Clinical Service.

People with the propensity to do well in life demonstrate these attributes, irrespective of the circumstances they find themselves.  Having spent eleven (11) years on tackling the most problematic Ministry, Dr. Alpha Tejan Wurie has returned to his twenty-two (22) year old Scientific Entity with a quest to re-establish its efficiency and expand its services to other parts of the country.

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