From Awareness Times Newspaper in Freetown

Bankole Thompson's Rape Report Exposes SLPP Playcookism!
Sep 22, 2009, 17:42

Our analysis of the Report of Justice Bankole Thompson Commission of Enquiry set up to look into serious allegations of rape and sexual violence which allegedly occurred at the main opposition SLPP Headquarters past March, has more than adequately shed light on how incompetent and inept the current leadership of the SLPP can sometimes be.
The report itself is shabbily presented with glaring factual errors and patent omissions that will forever cast a terrible slur on the hitherto excellent reputation of Hon. Justice Bankole Thompson as a jurist of precision and high standards. 
For example, Page 17 of his 20-paged report contains a factual embarrassment and one only wonders how an esteemed Judge like Bankole Thompson could have appended his signature to such a glaring factual error.
However, despite this shabbiness of the report itself, Awareness Times finds that the greatest amount of blame for the surprising contents of the report is to be laid right on the shoulders of John Benjamin, Kadi Sesay, J.J. Saffa, Alpha Timbo, I.J. Kabbah & all three elected Legal Advisers/Lawyers. Our Analysis and Findings are without any fear or favour but in interest of Sierra Leone.
Our White Paper will be out shortly, maybe as early as tomorrow. It shows the incompetence of PLAYCOOK POLITICIANS effected that Report. 

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