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Pa Kabbah Continues to Fly Our Sierra Leone Flag High
By the Editorial desk
Oct 9, 2009, 14:00

Sometime today October 9th 2009, the former President of Sierra Leone, Alhaji Dr. Ahmad Tejan Kabbah will be flying out of the country accompanied by his beloved wife, Isata Jabbie Kabbah. They will be going to attend/witness at least two special international events in very honourable capacities.

From Freetown, former President Kabbah will be going first to South Korea via Dubai; the latter being a city where he already wields very high respect from the top players.

From Dubai, the final destination is Seoul, South Korea where he will be attending a special international event for married couples together with I.J. Kabbah. The event hosted by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) will see some of the world’s top international statesmen come together to pray for the world.

Following his stay in Seoul, former President Kabbah will be jetting to Maputo in Mozambique as the Team Leader of the Commonwealth Elections Observers for that country’s upcoming Presidential elections slated for later this month.

Since Pa Kabbah retired as President in September 2007, he had led or participated in some ten international missions in various capacities; many of them as Leader of sensitive Elections Observer Missions.

At the Awareness Times newspaper, we are always very proud whenever we hear news of these pursuits of our former President. We are proud because every-time he attends such functions and excels himself with distinction, the name ‘Sierra Leone’ will surely get mentioned.

If our former President carries out his tasks on behalf of the Commonwealth, African Union or Carter Center with distinction, when it gets reported upon, the news media will definitely include the name ‘Sierra Leone’ within the coverage of his luminous and meritorious service to the world.

And for this continuing service to us all; for this continuous ‘positive rebranding’ of our beautiful country, we say THANK YOU! to our dear former President. Thank you Pa Kabbah! Thank you!

Of course, it is not only in his retirement that President Kabbah has earned the laurels that Sierra Leone is today benefitting from. During his tenure as our sitting President, especially in his second term (2002 until 2007), Pa Kabbah stood out as one of Africa’s foremost leaders to the extent that when it was time for Africa to choose a leader to advise on the lobbying of the United Nations for Africa to get a permanent seat at the UN Security Council, the choice of Pa Kabbah, a honoured veteran of the UN system, was almost automatic. So it was that Sierra Leone got the pride to be named as Head of the African Committee of Ten (C-10) lobbying at the UN.

It is this respect that saw Pa Kabbah being chosen as the Head of the C-10 that has today been transferred to our current President, Ernest Bai Koroma when he won the Presidential elections two years ago. Pa Kabbah’s stature is what President Koroma is now benefitting from and this is what Sierra Leone is continuing to benefit from.

For all his past services to our Nation and for his continuing meritorious service, we at Awareness Times wish to tell our former President just how proud we are of him. This newspaper is on record as haven been one of Pa Kabbah’s genuine critics when he was in power. Any wrong step he took back then did not go without criticism from this newspaper’s team. Today, we are happy to tell him just how proud we are of him now that he is in retirement. Thank you former President Kabbah for your service to our country. Thank you Pa Kabbah! Thank you very much Sir!

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