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IG Acha Kamara Redeems Image with Nationwide Arrests of Alleged Armed Robbers
Oct 14, 2009, 17:34

Following a Police Press Release that detailed nationwide successes in curtailing armed robberies, initial reactions from citizens is one of commendation for both President Koroma  and the Acha Kamara led Police force. Proactive policing and intelligence gathering efforts have seemingly yielded fruit that is to the credit of the President who ensured action was taken to protect citizens from relentless, seemingly unstoppable robbers.

The Police Press Release on the alleged armed robberies is published below. It should also be noted that nowhere in the Police Release is any link even remotely made to Dr. Sylvia Blyden, the Publisher of Awareness Times, having knowledge of any armed robbers as certain unscrupulous persons had alleged.

Sierra Leone Police (SLP) Press Release

1. The Sierra Leone Police is presently investigating cases of robbery with aggravation that occurred in the recent past.

2. The Sierra Leone Police for the past days has been working assiduously with the community to unravel some of these robberies.

3.The public is hereby informed that after extensive investigations, arrests have been effected and those at large have been declared wanted.

4. The report of armed robberies that occurred in Lungi on Wednesday 16th September 2009 have been investigated by the police for which two persons, Saidu Koroma and Mohamed Mansaray were charged for those incidents.

The under mentioned persons are wanted by the police in connection with the above incidents:

1. Ishmael Mansaray (alias Tigana)

2. Peter Owoh (alias Prince)

5. The public is hereby informed that after thorough investigation of a vehicle intercepted with persons suspected to be armed robbers at Lumley Beach Road on Saturday 3rd October, 2009, six persons have been charged to court with the offence of conspiracy to commit aggravated robbery, namely:

1. Darlington Ifeanyi Chukwu

2. Paul Eric Chukwu

3. Aiah Mbayoh

4. Ifeanyi Duwenchukwu

5. Kalidu Jalloh

6. Abu Bakar Sesay

The undermentioned persons are wanted by the police in connection with this matter.

(1) Peter Owoh

(2) Ishmael Mansaray (alias Tigana)

6. Regarding the armed robbery at Goderich Junction on 24th August, 2009 wherein a Fullah businessman was robbed of property worth Le56, 000, 000 .00. This has also been investigated and two persons namely Christopher Cole and Darlington Ifeanyi Chuku have been charged for that matter.

The undermentioned persons are wanted by the police in connection with this matter:

1. Ishmael Mansaray (alia Tigana)

2. Robert

3. Peter Owoh otherwise known as Prince

4. Wurie

7. Regarding the armed robbery at No. 4 Dillet Street on 30th September 2009, Darlington Ifeanyi Chukwu has been charged. The undermentioned two people are wanted by the police for this matter:

i. Ishmael Mansaray (alias Tigana)

ii. Peter Owoh, otherwise known as Prince

8. Regarding the case of armed robbery that took place at Leicester Road along Tree Planting on Tuesday 6th October, 2009 wherein a police officer was gunned down whiles on duty, two suspects: Mohamed Salieu Kamara alias Charlie and Abu Fornah have been arrested by the police and charged to court.

The under mentioned persons are wanted by the police in connection with this matter.

1. Idrissa Turner

2. Mohamed Lamin (alias Boxer)

3. Brima John (alias Beejay or White Boy)

4. Maada Tommy


1.The police are also carefully looking at armed robberies that took place at 0100 hours and 0115 hours respectively on 26
th September 2009 at 3 Sylvanus Street, and 15 Kabala Highway, Makeni. The police are now in possession of a single barrel gun, one (1) six-round pistol and one (1) AK 47 with twelve suspects arrested helping the investigation in respect of both armed robberies.

One Michael Koroma of No.6 Gbonda Street, Bo, is presently wanted by the police in respect of the two incidents mentioned above.

2. On 30th September 2009, armed robbers also attacked a residence at No.12 Siaka Stevens Street, Lunsar, and stole about one hundred million Leones (Le100, 000, 000). Seven persons have been arrested and are helping the police in their investigations, namely:-

i. Ibrahim Fornah

ii. Alfred Fornah

iii. Osman Fornah

iv. Saidu Kalokoh

v. Abdulai Kamara

vi. Alusine Sorie Kanu

ii. Saidu Kabia

One Alhassan Gbla of No.2 back of Agriculture Road, Makeni, is presently wanted by the police in connection with this matter.


The police working with the community arrested two armed robbers in Bo namely:

i. Ernest Koroma

ii. Dauda Kiaro (alias Yellow Man)

Information is sought for Issa Kabba of Kuntoloh, Freetown in connection with the above incident.


1. One robbery took place in Kenema and Abdulai Kamara of How for Do Park in Kenema is declared wanted in connection with that robbery.

A cash reward of Two Million Leones (Le2, 000,000/00) will be given to any person who relay information that will lead to the arrest of any of those people mentioned, especially Ishmael Mansaray alias Tigana, whose last known address was Peninsular Road, Adonkia.

If anyone has any information on these matters or regarding the suspected persons, please call the following numbers:

      1. 088-208-940

      2.  076...

      3. 078-442-478

      4.  076...

Or report to the nearest police station. The information will be treated with utmost confidentiality

The police is hereby reassured that the Sierra Leone Police has put measures in place to reduce the spate of armed robberies and the fear of crime and that people should go on with their normal business without any fear and that the present MACP arrangement with the military is not a curfew but additional measures to enhance national safety and security.


Memunatu Bangura (SUPT.)
Director of Community Relations Department    

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