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In Sierra Leone, Armed Robbers Strike Again!
By Abdul Fonti
Oct 15, 2009, 16:30

Doctors at the Makeni Government Hospital are fighting to save the life of a victim of an armed robbery attack.

The deadly incident took place in the early hours of Wednesday 14th October 2009 at No.36 Majudu Street in Makeni, northern Sierra Leone.

According to reports filtering in from that part of the country, armed men claded in military outfit and masked faces stormed the aforementioned residence and held hostage one Abdul Rahman Kargbo aka “Tonight”.

The captive was placed under gun point and was ordered to hand over the keys to an electric appliance shop called Family and Friends Enterprise, situated at No. 1 Mabanta Road, Makeni.

Abdul Rahman Kargbo is said to be a shop attendant of the Mabanta Road shop.

Failure to obey the order to hand over the keys, “Tonight”, as he is fondly called, was given merciless beating. The armed men then proceeded to inflict several cutlass wounds on the head and shoulders of the shop attendant. The robbers had already fled the scene of crime some few minutes prior to the arrival of the police.

This in
cident occurred a few days after police arrested single barrel guns, a large cache of ammunitions, plus eighteen suspected armed robbers in the Makeni Township.

Local Unit Commander of the township has vowed to implement new strategies to ensure that the issue of armed robbery becomes a thing of the past in Makeni.

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