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Awareness Times Reproduces Sheka Tarawalie’s Trash
Oct 20, 2009, 17:20

The attention of the Editorial Board of the Awareness Times newspaper has been drawn to recent nasty attacks launched by Philip Neville (from a base in America where he currently is) against the Publisher of the Awareness Times Newspaper, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

Meanwhile, the woman Publisher has been in Daru for the past three days attending to memorial activities of her late close friend, Major Kula Samba.

Following this development, the Editorial Board has decided to reproduce the front page and an article contained in the Friday 9th October 2009 edition of the Torchlight Newspaper, operated by the Presidential Press Secretary, in order to give a background of the issue under review to our cherished readers.

The Board has also decided not to comment on the attacks of Neville against this newspaper’s Publisher, as this Board is quite sure that Dr. Blyden will, on her return, cogently respond, if she so desires, to the combined forces of the axes of evil made up of Philip Neville of Standard Times, Olu Gordon of Peep Magazine and Sheka Tarawalie, the Spokesman of President Koroma.

We want our readers to take due note of the fact that the front page reproduced here contained three lead articles; all of them maliciously attacking the Awareness Times Publisher. The first lead falsely accused Dr. Blyden of being an AFRC member who now wants to lead the SLPP. The second lied that the police will invite Dr. Blyden for questioning in relation to an armed robbery case, whilst the last contained arrant nonsense quoting Philip Neville as saying he was escaping to America because suspected armed robbers were caught in the vehicle OF Dr. Blyden.

In the ensuing is the "Philip Neville Escapes" trash of an article published by President Koroma’s Press Secretary. Stay connected as we await the return and possible bomb blast reply of the unwavering woman Publisher to the Philip Neville’s nonsense.


Freetown (October 9th 2009) [published by president koroma's spokesman]: The Executive Editor of Standard Times newspaper, Philip Neville, last Tuesday left the shores of Sierra Leone for the United States of America as an exigency move in the wake of police officers apprehending suspected armed robbers in the jeep of Awareness Times publisher Sylvia Blyden last Saturday.

Speaking to The Torchlight before departure at Lungi Airport, Neville said, "I cannot predict what will happen next. If suspected armed robbers could be caught in the vehicle of a woman who hates me to her guts, and coupled with the fact that I have no trust in the police command in the western area or even the whole of Sierra Leone, I need to take some precautionary measures. So I’m off."

Asked when he will return to Sierra Leone, Neville said he will be monitoring the situation: "I may come back next week, I may come back next month, I may come back next year, depending on how the situation is handled."

Philip Neville became a bitter rival of Sylvia Blyden when he published a photo-montage of Miss Blyden and RUF Leader Foday Sankoh in a nude form as paramours.



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