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NaCSA & Hope-SL Symbolic Reparation in Jawei, Daru, Kailahun
Nov 9, 2009, 13:51

NaCSA & Hope-SL's October 20th 2009 Symbolic Reparation in Jawei, Daru, Kailahun which entailed a symbolic reburial of all the dead people of the Chiefdom who could not get a decent funeral as a result of the circumstances of their deaths as well as a symbolic cleansing of the River Moa to cleanse it of all the sins of the war years. SEE BELOW FOR THE PHOTOS OF THAT DAY'S EVENT.

The Jampacked Court Barray before Ceremony started

The High Table at the Court Barray

Starting the Long Walk from Court Barray to Moa River

The entourage is joined halfway by Nafali Masquerade

Paramount Chief addressing at banks of River Moa

Candles are lit as River Moa is ceremonially cleansed

Soko Kaisamba (center) & SLPP youths traveled to Daru

Darus Head Sowei praying at Moa River with lit candle

After cleansing folks rush to wash faces with Moa water

After River is cleansed, entourage walks back from Moa

The Nafali Chiefdom Masquerades lead the way back

Nafali offers to take photo with Publisher, Sylvia Blyden

Upon arrival back in Daru town, a piece of white linen is used to wrap an item that will serve as the Symbolic Corpse of all those people from the Chiefdom who did not get a decent ceremonial burial. The Symbolic corpse is laid on a stretcher and the Sacred Traditional Ceremonial Death Dance Steps and Solemn Music starts.

After Ceremonial Death Dance, the symbolic corpse is taken away by Nafali for final secret traditional rites on it

Nafali brings the symbolic corpse back but, as tradition demands, now covered with a country cloth before burial

The symbolic corpse is placed into the symbolic grave in center of town and the country cloth is removed from it

Towns Mammy Queen throws a handful of dirt into the symbolic grave of Jaweis dead being symbolically buried

Symbolic Remains (Corpse) of all who died during the War Years is shown here, half covered in earth as more people pour earth on it to finally give the dead a symbolic resting.

Towns Chief Imam prays Muslim Prayers at symbolic Grave

Methodist Church Reverend performs Christian last rites

P/Chief uses a Shovel to help symbolically bury the dead

Dr. Sylvia Blyden who was in the township to coincidentally perform memorial rites for her late friend, Major Kula Samba is also asked to help symbolically bury all the dead from the Chiefdom who could not get a decent Funeral because of the circumstances of their deaths during the War Years.

After the symbolic remains are completely covered with earth, the Chiefdom dignitaries move to unveil the Memorial

Youngest Local Councilor, John Baimba reads the Memorial

Paramount Chief Musa Ngombu Klah Kallon II pours libation at Memorial built where Symbolic remains lie buried as he asks spirits of departed to now rest in perfect peace.

Chiefdom Speaker, Chief Faada, also pours libation to spirits

After all was concluded, happy school children pose at the Memorial. They deserve to be given a happy Future!!!

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