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United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone Annual Conference Job Vacancies
Jan 11, 2010, 17:12

The United Methodist Church
Board on Health and Medical Services
Job Vacancies

Job Title: Medical officers.

Job Location: UMC Health Institutions; UMC General Hospital, Kissy – 2

UMC Hospital, Rotifunk, Bumpeh Chiefdom, Moyamba District-1
UMC Health Center, Taiama, Kori Chiefdom, Moyamba District-1

The Board on Health and Medical Services, of the United Methodist Church, Sierra Leone Annual Conference is inviting applications for the position of Medical Officers at the above-mentioned health Institutions.

Job Summary:

· The position requires the application of medical knowledge and skills to diagnose prevent, treat illnesses, diseases and infections in patients.

· Qualified candidates must have the ability to work collaboratively with a wide range of professionals across health care and International Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) sectors.

· Applicants must have served for a period of at least three years in a recognized health institution in Sierra Leone.

Personal Expectations:

The appointed personnel must possess full active and unrestricted license to practice medicine in good standing and as such is expected:

· To have completed a requisite training for a Medical Doctor in Sierra Leone.

· Must be in good physical and mental health.

· Possess demonstrated compassion for sick and poor people.

· Demonstrate a warm hearted nature and understand demeanor towards staff, patients, and their family members and relatives.

· Demonstrate strength of character and confidence to inspire patients trust.

· Demonstrate good listening and observation techniques.

· Possess a sense of responsibility for well being of patients and all staff of the hospital

· Must be willing to place the good of the hospital and those whom it serves above self needs; in other words, the medical officer must see himself as a servant leader.

· Maintain proper records of all patients’ encounters through appropriate and timely notations in patient charts.

· Coordinate care with other health care professionals including referrals, physicians, and allied health service professionals.

· Set an example of appropriate standard of care including but not limited to routine use of universal precautions, proper implementations and demonstration of safety and infection control measures.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Serve as member of the Senior Administrative team of the hospital, as such, must support and facilitate the highest quality of clinical care of patients. The medical officer is to:

· Facilitate research activities that serve to improve the growth of the Sierra Leone Annual Conference, United Methodist church health services

· Foster programs that serve the needs of congregations of the United Methodist church communities.

Serve as clinical officer at the hospital, clinic, or health center and as such will:

- Provide comprehensive high quality medical care to patients on hospital beds, in the outpatients, clinical, surgical and specialist areas

- Admit and specifically direct the care of patients requiring further investigations and treatment.

- Liaise with other medical and non-medical staff in the hospital to ensure the highest quality treatment of patients.

- Liaise with members of any and all governing bodies and including the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, to ensure appropriate and timely communication in compliance with relevant policies and legal requirements.

Hours of work:

· The Medical officer is expected to work for 50 hours per week; the schedule of which must be flexible to accommodate the needs of the hospital, which may include supporting patients, staff, medical officers, UMC representatives and all others who may need your help.

· You are entitled to 30 working days of personal leave per year, provided adequate and appropriate coverage for the essential activities is provided. You are due annual leave payment equivalent to monthly take home salary when this is due after one year service.

Term of Contract:

A term of contract shall be for two (2) years, with an optional renewal by Sierra Leone Annual Conference Board of Health services. Renewal shall be based upon your individual professional and personal performance evaluation during the previous year.

The medical officer shall be on probationary status for the first six (6) months.


- Attractive salary commensurate with experience, to increment according to performance over an initial probationary period of 6 months

Interested candidates must send applications to:

The Health Coordinator,
Sierra Leone Annual Conference UMC
Board on Health and Medical Services,
UMC House, 31 Lightfoot Boston Street,

Applications including curriculum vitae, other supporting documents, mobile phone numbers and names of two referees are to be deposited at the above office between 9am-4pm daily.

Closing date is January 29, 2010.

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