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PC Women Storm Serry Kamal's Office & Law Courts of Sierra Leone
Jan 11, 2010, 17:46

The following are photos of today's event in Freetown, Sierra Leone. These are the photos of the APC Women. More photos of the youths of Sierra Leone who came into Freetown from as far as Koinadugu, Pujehun, Kailahun, Bo and Kono in solidarity with Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden, will be uploaded later alongside the photos of the massive street demonstration by SLPP placard-carrying Women in front of the Law Courts Building.

Madam Makalay Koroma (nee Kamara), Vice President of the APC National Women's Wing, giving an interview to Rachel Horner of Concord Times this morning in front of Guma Building Offices of Attorney General Serry Kamal.

A male Journalist from Philip Neville's Star Radio is shown interviewing a cross section of the APC Women.

The Star Radio Journalist interviewing one of the older APC female stalwarts. Shortly after, journalists from United Nations Radio, Cotton Tree Network(CTN), FM98.1 Radio, Sky Radio, etc. etc. all rushed to the scene where a snap press conference was held before the women walked to the Law Courts.

Makalay Koroma leading the Women on a Walk from Law Officers to Law Courts at 10:00am sharp.

The crowd of APC Women walking to the Law Courts from Guma Building. The older Hajas are all shown in the rear walking behind a determined Makalay Koroma and her younger APC ladies.

Makalay Koroma entering the Court at 10:00am. When the matter was called up at 10:17am, the Magistrate informed the court that he was going to stand down the matter for two hours as neither the Director of Public Prosecution nor the Attorney-General or their State Counsels appeared to prosecute the matter. Again, at 12:30pm, the case was called up and once again not a single State Prosecutor showed up to prosecute the matter. However, the Magistrate, despite another application for a discharge, declined to discharge and adjourned it again to Friday 15th January 2010. He once again stated that he had received information that the State Lawyers were all ill but could not produce evidence of such medical report citing their illness.

Makalay Koroma informing Sylvia Blyden and others that the APC Women were going back to wait for AG Serry-Kamal.

APC Women ensconced in Attorney General's Private Waiting Rooms as they prepare to hold closed door talks with him. Meanwhile, SLPP Women were outside on the streets in front of the Law Courts Building having a rolicking time holding up placards protesting the entire matter.

Determined Older and Young APC Women waiting patiently in Serry Kamal's Waiting Room. Eventually, the Attorney General appeared and held closed door talks with the APC Women but although the women left his offices with clearly satisfied looks on their faces, the women did not disclose the content of their discussion with Serry-Kamal to journalists.

Sylvia Blyden walking along the Street with Makalay Koroma, Vice President of the ruling APC and Harriatu Turay, Deputy Women's Leader of the opposition Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP).

After the day's event, SLPP Deputy Women's Leader Harriatu Turay and APC Vice President of Women's Wing Makalay Koroma embrace themselves in solidarity over this all important matter of national interest concerning the dynamic and hugely popular only female newspaper publisher in Sierra Leone, Dr. Sylvia Olayinka Blyden.

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