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One Year Anniversary of the Passing of Serah Helen Joyce Yilla (nee Fraser)
Jan 15, 2010, 17:10

One Year Anniversary of the Passing of

Serah Helen Joyce Yilla
(nee Fraser)

The family of Serah Helen Yilla nee Fraser wishes to announce the first anniversary of her death. Our Mummy Serah, Aunty Serah to many, died on the 15th of January 2009. Her death came one day before the 21st anniversary of her beloved husband, Dr. Drissa McQuarr Yilla who died on the 16th of January 1988, and has never been forgotten.

Serah was the daughter of Adeyemi Mensah Fraser, the fourth child of Victoria, sister to the late Frank and Victor Fraser, and survived by her sisters Talabi Lucan and Maud Johnson. She was mentored by her cousin the late Lati Hyde Foster at the Annie Walsh Memorial School who told us she would have headed to medical school, but for the fact that in her day, that was a career for men. She formed a lifetime of friendships from those days at the Annie Walsh and beyond, they included Alafia Jackson, Bertha Conton, Olamide Thomas, Emily Michael, Gladys Jusu-Sheriff, Cho Fraser, Fudia Turay, Kadie Koroma nee Thorlu-Bangura, Sadia Kamara, Emma Deen, Lois Fraser, Baby Chebli, Lorna Terry, Cathy Tuboku-Metzeger, and many more, who remained in her heart till the day she died.

Serah for most of her life held dear a notebook in which she recorded the names of every baby she delivered at her clinic at #1 Prince Williams Street in Bo. She gave birth to Drissa, Sadia, Mamadi and Serah but if you asked her, her children included Kadie, Isha, Finda, Austin, Kandeh, Abou Amara, Ahmed, Halim, Salaam, Elaine, Maalo, Bintu, Vernon, the Lyoubi, Labi, Kamara, Jusus-Sheriff and Fraser children, Yvonne, Big Sam, and so many more.

For much of her life she served all those around her. She cared for her beloved, and the children they shared. In the last years of her life, she found pleasure in watching Daniel, Aisha, Maya, Sadia and Suuba become all she wished for, children she could be proud of. She is now with her Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It was in Jesus that she found refuge all her days and it is to Jesus that we have lovingly surrendered her for eternity.

Placed by Drissa, Sadia, Mamadi and Serah Yilla

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