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Which One Is Worse?
Jan 18, 2010, 14:16

Not only was the following call for a retraction ignored by the offending Publisher but the Co-Publisher, a sister of a certain woman, was AFTERWARDS sent to America by the Government of Sierra Leone as a Sierra Leonean Diplomat!!!

The Ernest Koroma Government obviously saw nothing wrong with such self-disrespecting stance but went chasing after Sylvia Blyden whose article (SEE PAGE 5) published subsequently, had restored the credibility of our Presidentís marriage in the Public eye! So, which one is worse? Writing that the President, an African man, has an extra-marital sweetheart posing as his wife or writing that President doesnít sleep with wife nor eat food she cooks? Hmmm?

Presidential Lodge, Hill Station, Freetown

September 25th 2008

The Office of the First Lady views with grave concern, the vitriolic and vicious article published by ---- newspaper of 24th September 2008 captioned "Presidential break up?" on its opening and a further caption, "Presidential break up looms?" on the continuation story. This story is false and untrue and smacks of mischievous journalism. The publication of such a story is libelous and to the extent that it attacks the integrity of the Presidency, such libel is Criminal.

The Office of the First Lady vehemently denies any and all of the lies and innuendoes published by this author and newspaper and stress that such vindictive acts are inimical to the progress and development being so assiduously worked for and committed to by the First Citizens of this country.

Being responsible for providing the administrative framework, professional and technical support to the First Lady as she carries out her various functions of State, Charitable, Political and Community Development Activities, Supporting and Complementing the Presidency as Consort, this Office is not only too aware of the enormous task such duties entail but also very truly cognizant of the commitment and vision of the First Lady to serve the Nation.

The record of the First Lady speaks for itself and so while she carries on the task of working to secure the peace through development in this country, it is extremely callous for newspapers to allow or cause to allow such seditious and criminal libel to be heaped on her. While the First Lady is undoubtedly above any trivial public exchange with peddlers of lies and untruths, it is left to this Office to use its authority to demand an immediate retraction of this story and a public apology from the newspaper concerned.

The Office of the First Lady is always open to the press if they need any information on its activities including the diary engagements of the First Lady. The First Familyís privacy however should be respected and revered, the absence of such reverence lead ultimately to chaos. This country does not need such vicious and malicious journalism to incite and cause discord where there is none.

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