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Death Anniversary : Alhaji Mubashir Zawal Modupe Johnson
Feb 1, 2010, 13:10

Death Anniversary

Inalilahi Wahinalilaihi Rajihun

Monday 1st February 2010 marks the
9th Death Anniversary of our beloved husband and father;

Alhaji Mubashir Zawal Modupe Johnson

who died on 1st February 2001.

He was 59 years old.Nine good years have passed away just like yesterday.

Itís very painful, hard and pathetic to hear but what can we do if Allah wants it to be so? We are always praying for you and hope that he almighty Allah forgives you from all your sins and may your soul rest in perfect peace, Amen. We shall always remember you.

From your loving wife(who was always one of your strong pillars, body and soul), Haja Kadi Johnson, Head Womenís Affairs S.L.B.S, children Mubashir Johnson of P.O.W and Haja Kadi Johnson of John F. Kennedy Memorial School.

May your soul Rest in Perfect Peace.

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