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Is Allieu Sesay The Daniel Of Sierra Leone?
Feb 5, 2010, 17:00

If we could recall, more than one month has gone by since Mr. Allieu Sesay, Commissioner General, National Revenue Authority, was unceremoniously sent on leave pending investigation of allegation of corruption by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC). Seven weeks have gone without a single question from ACC or some information to the public about the status of the investigation. People tend to wonder why that is.

I was surprised to receive an anonymous call one morning with the individual telling me that he has been following the case of Allieu Sesay with intense interest and has read all my publications on him. He also told me that if only I could connect the dots on Allieu’s case, I will see that it has classic similarity to that of the story of Daniel in the Bible. As a student of the Bible, I quickly reminded myself of the story, and with the investigation I have made on the case, I was left with no option but to concur with this anonymous caller.

To recap the story of Daniel: when Darius became king of Babylon he appointed Daniel as one of his leaders. Daniel served the king honestly and loyally, while at the same time was devoted to his God. As a result, the other leaders were jealous of him. They persuaded King Darius to sign a new law prohibiting anyone from asking for anything from any god for a period of thirty days, knowing fully well that Daniel will not yield and will not be prevented from serving his God. The enemies succeeded and king Darius, albeit with a heavy heart because of the love he has for Daniel, allowed Daniel to be thrown into the lions’ den. However, to the king’s amazement, Daniel was untouched by the hungry lions. His enemies were then thrown into the pit and were devoured by the lions. Since then King Darius decreed that everyone should tremble and fear before the God of Daniel.

Similarly, Mr. Sesay was appointed by His Excellency Ernest Bai Koroma to head one of the largest institutions in the country, employing over six hundred workers, scattered all over the country. While Mr. Sesay might have won a pyrrhic victory over his challengers for the position, the task ahead of him was enormous. Nobody wants to pay tax and everybody wants his position. As a result, he amassed quite a number of enemies, both locally and internationally, who have globalised in animosity against him. They are bent on seeing his downfall, looking for every mistake along the way. These enemies capitalised on the President’s enthusiasm of pursuing zero corruption. As the President puts it, "there is no sacred cow in my Government". This means that no corrupt public official will be protected or exempted from the wrath of the law. So, as soon as the allegation of corruption was levied against Mr. Sesay, the President, even though with a heavy heart because of Mr. Sesay’s achievements in NRA, yielded to the request of ACC and allowed him to proceed on leave pending investigation, with a little caveat that the Commissioner of ACC ensures a speedy conclusion of the investigation.

The President, like king Darius, sent Mr Sesay on leave not because he hated him or he feels he is incompetent, on the contrary, he is full of admiration for him and on several occasions he has acknowledged Mr. Sesay’s wonderful performance at NRA. In fact during the celebration of Customs day, it was clearly stated that NRA exceeded its revenue target by over Le20 billion Leones in 2009. Thanks to the firm action of the ‘HARD POWER’, Allieu Sesay.

We are 100% certain that His Excellency is of a strong conviction that Mr. Allieu Sesay will go through the investigation flawless. And once it is all over, he will rid himself of detractors and sycophants who have nothing else to do but to deprive him of all his loyal and honest servants.

While we await the speedy conclusion of the investigation, we believe that the truth shall surely prevail. But remember, seven weeks have already gone and not a single question from ACC. The public is still in the dark.

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