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‘Nor Look En Face’ Takes Over the Airwaves in Sierra Leone
By Abdul Fonti
Feb 9, 2010, 17:20

One of Sierra Leoneans finest musicians called Anita Sabrah aka DJ Lulu has released her new musical album titled "Nor Look En Face". The new thrilling and educative musical album is presently on the top of the country’s musical chart.

The album is being played in all places including night clubs, radio stations, cassette and disc selling tables, cars, homes, everywhere.

The "Nor Look En Face" album is the second released by the country’s musical queen.

Anita Sabrah alias DJ Lulu: advises women to be self-respecting

Several citizens have expressed admiration for the talent of the female superstar, who continues to maintain high quality musical productions.

The country’s female folks have confessed to the Awareness Times that they appreciate DJ Lulu’s new musical album as a result of the inspirational messages contained therein.

One of DJ Lulu’s female fans said: "I have become addicted to continually listening to DJ Lulu’s album because it contains advise for us women to maintain our respect, irrespective of any circumstance".

The male folks have disclosed that they did not only like to dance and listen to the songs of DJ Lulu, but that they are also obsessed by DJ Lulu’s thrilling stage performances.

In an earlier interview with the Awareness Times, DJ Lulu, disclosed plans to rock the country and fans with a musical entertainment bang.

According to her, she would be hosting music lovers and fans in a VIP launch of her debut album on Friday 12th February 2010 at the Old Skol Entertainment Complex for costs ranging from Le35,000 single patrons, Le50,000 double patrons and Le15,000 ordinary entrances.

On Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2010, the beautiful Sierra Leonean musical queen, singer, rapper, and dancer, will musically thrill fans and music lovers at the Attouga Mini Stadium in Freetown, for a minimal fee of Le4,000.

DJ Lulu’s first album titled "Nar Mi Cam So" recorded similar success as the new one is doing.

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