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APC Female Big Guns Praise Makalay
By Bampia Bundu
Feb 10, 2010, 17:34

The highly valued Vice President of the All People’s Congress (APC) Women’s Wing, Makalay Koroma, has received several commendations from APC Chairladies and other supporters of the party, for what they described as her charismatic and selfless roles in strengthening and uniting the party, plus her maturity in luring new members to the party.

Latest of her vibrant and loyal strides was demonstrated during President Koroma’s visit to the southern and eastern regions, when she coordinated and lined up about fifty (50) APC Chairladies from various constituencies, to join and accord the President required support throughout his visit.

Vice President of the All People’s Congress (APC) Women’s Wing, Makalay Koroma

APC’s Western District Chairlady, Madam Seray Alie, showered praises on Makalay Koroma for her role in ensuring that the President’s tour was a success.

"Makalay Koroma is always at the forefront of protecting the interest of the APC party" she disclosed.

She used the interview with the Awareness Times to call on Makalay Koroma to remain steadfast and continue the good job she has been doing, irrespective of the numerous challenges.

APC’s East District Chairlady, Haja Fanta Jawara, whilst lauding the efforts of Makalay Koroma advised the women of the party to remain united and work as a team.

"I am sure with the vibrancy being demonstrated by Madam Koroma, our party’s women’s wing with remain a force to reckon with" she assured.

When contacted, Madam Makalay Koroma assured that she will always works towards uniting the party as a result of the love she has for the entire women’s wing membership and the First Lady Sia Nyama Koroma.

She used the forum as an opportunity to advise the women of the party to always endeavor to behave responsibly and demonstrate love for each other for the furtherance of their aims and objectives.

Madam Makalay Koroma is the daughter of the late police chief, Bambay Kamara, a strong APC member. She is also married to an ardent believer of the values of the APC whilst her teenage son is a strong APC youth activist. Makalay Koroma can thus be easily described as a bonafide APC member (daughter of APC; wife of APC; mother of APC).

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