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As Shameless Old Journalist Collects Cash from DFID: Patriotic Alieu Sesay Not Yet Questioned by ACC
Feb 15, 2010, 14:06

Sources close to the suspended Commissioner General of the National Revenue Authority (NRA) have confirmed to this medium that he is yet to be invited by the Anti Corruption Commission for questioning despite him having been relieved of his duties for two whole months now. The patriotic Alieu Sesay is thus languishing in limbo even as his good name and hard-won reputation is being shredded by his detractors including one shameless old journalist who regularly collected money from DFID.

This lack of questioning by ACC of this 39 years old fine, hardworking Sierra Leonean citizen who is being vilified by British DFID un-audited persons like one Dominic OíNeill, has raised many eyebrows all over the country.

It will be recalled that two months ago, President Koroma took the unprecedented step of sending Alieu Sesay on leave because of claims from DFID that Sesay had corruptly mismanaged DFID funds meant for the development of the NRA. So, in order to give unfettered access to DFID-funded Anti Corruption agents who claimed they were investigating corrupt acts of Mr. Alieu Sesay, President Koroma sent Alieu Sesay on leave.

ALIEU SESAY: A Patriot who does not need to pay for PR

However, instead of commencing their investigation by bringing the young man in for questioning, all sorts of stage managed performances including mysterious alleged armed robberies, have been put in the public domain; all aimed at sullying Alieu Sesayís image.

Similarly, one shameless DFID-sponsored journalist who has over the years, been collecting, unannounced, funds totaling thousands and thousands and thousands of pounds sterling from British taxpayers DFID funds to do God alone knows what in this country, has sought to malign the good name of Mr. Alieu Sesay with vague and unsubstantiated rubbish.

This old and shameless journalist, with his colonial mentality that answers to his Masterís Colonial Tunes being played at DFID, also has the temerity to try to mis-label those patriotic journalists brave enough to stand up against the bullying of Mr. Alieu Sesay by DFIDís Dominic OíNeill as haven collected money from Mr. Alieu Sesay to do public relations for him.

Awareness Times is also investigating how an alleged mis-procurement of vehicles and air-conditioners by DFIDís Crown Agents might have contributed to Alieu Sesay falling into the bad books of Mr. Dominic OíNeill.

It is a fact that OíNeillís activities at DFID have never been audited for the attention of the Republic of Sierra Leone that is supposedly the recipient of these un-audited funds; funds including the ones chopped by that shameless colonial-master dancing Sierra Leonean journalist who is big but remains a big fool despite his age.

Meanwhile, there is a growing concern amongst citizens that President Koroma might not exercise his independence as Head of a Sovereign State but might  continue to rely on self-protective, ill advisers collecting from DFID bosses.

ďIf a man can mis-procure substandard vehicles and low quality air conditioners, he loses the moral standing to point fingers at anyone for mis-procurement especially when his own allegations are unsubstantiated,Ē a Sierra Leonean In-Country Employed local staff at DFID asserted to this press last weekend on condition of anonymity.

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