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National Revenue Authority(Head Office)Public Notice Nra Launches Receipt Raffle
Feb 16, 2010, 17:00

(Head Office)


The National Revenue Authority (NRA) is launching a novel protection scheme to prevent consumers from being wrongly charged when purchasing Goods and services following the introduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on 1st January this year. 

It involves a receipts Lottery  

The GST Law requires GST-registered businesses to issue receipts whenever they make sales of Goods or Services that are liable to GST 

Each receipt must show the following: 

Name and address of Business
Taxpayer identification number(TIN) of the business
Date of the transaction
Description of the Goods or Services Supplied and
The selling price

 Where the selling price includes GST, this must be stated on the receipt; otherwise the amount of GST must be shown separately. 

The NRA is asking members of the public to send sample copies of GST receipts they are giving to the NRA taxpayers services Unit at Gladvic House, Wellington Street, Freetown. This will assist the NRA to ensure that GST is being properly applied, so that the consumers are not being cheated and that the tax is being charged only by businesses that are registered for GST. Non-registered businesses are not allowed to charge GST. 

Where discrepancies are revealed, the NRA will be able to take action to protect the consumer and the revenue. 

To encourage consumers to send in their receipts, each month, the NRA will hold a raffle of the tickets that are submitted. Each receipt will be a raffle ticket in a draw and the winning ticket /receipt will be entitled to entrant prizes as follows:

First Prize Le 10,000,000 
Second Prize Le 5,000,000 
Third and Fourth Prizes 2,000,000 respectively 
Six runners up prizes of Le 1,000,000 

To qualify for the draw, consumers must write their name and contact details on the reverse of the invoice 

The prize draw will be held on the 28th February and, thereafter on the last weekday of each month until further notice. Winners will be announced in the press. Please Note: NRA Staff are not eligible to participate

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