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March 2009 Elections Violence against SLPP in Gendema, Southern Province
By All these 8 Photographs taken by Kaday Zorokong who was right at the scene
Feb 17, 2010, 17:28

Some photographs do not need words as they speak for themselves.  The wounded, bleeding gentleman shown in these four photos on this page is Mr. Ahmed Ken, the SLPP Youth Leader for the Southern Province who was macheted on his head and turso by alleged APC hired thugs in full view of well known Senior Police Officers during the March 2009 Gendema Local Council Elections that APC was to subsequently win after many residents did not vote since they  had fled the fighting. Ahmed Ken & the other victims were rushed to a nearby Military Post in Pujehun for medical attention. Indications available to Awareness Times is that the soldiers who attended to the wounded SLPP victims, instead of being commended for their civil-military gallantry displayed were themselves later victimised by Military authorities who accused them of being pro-SLPP simply because they tended to seriously wounded and badly damaged SLPP members at the military post.

Below are four of numerous other democratic opposition SLPP victims of alleged ruling APC unleashed Violence during last years March 2009 Elections for Local Council Seat of Gendema, Pujehun, Southern Sierra Leone. In the third photo below can be seen some of the soldiers standing inside the Military Post where the heavily bleeding victims were rushed for medical attention. Confirmed reports are that the Military Captain manning that particular Post was later hurled by APC Government authorities in front of a Military Disciplinary Panel because he respected international Human Rights laws whilst providing treatment to SLPP members. It is not clear if they wanted the Captain and his soldiers to have denied medical attention to bleeding SLPP members but to have rather handed them over to Police.

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