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Who Hoaxed BBC News from Sierra Leone?
By Citizensí Advocate
Feb 19, 2010, 10:56

By Citizensí Advocate

If I had not listened to it myself, I would not have believed it!! Senior journalist and President of the Sierra Leone Association of Journalists, Mr. Umaru Fofana of the BBC allowed himself to be hoaxed into perpetuating a sullying of the reputation of Hon. Minister Afsatu Kabba with his last Wednesday broadcast alleging that "sources" told him Afsatu Kabba had been arrested that morning. It was utter rubbish. Afsatu Kabba was not arrested and as a matter of fact, she cannot be arrested on flimsy allegations! An arrest is made when a crime is commited.

How can Afsatu be arrested when she has committed no crime that warrants her arrest? The powerful FISH MAFIA wants Afsatu Kabba and her reformation efforts out of Sierra Leoneís governance corridors and so they alleged to the ACC that she is corrupt. When Afsatuís own Deputy, Oya Sankoh, whom from all indications available, is the one more likely to be corrupt, also joins the banshee screaming bandwagon of the FISH MAFIA, then who can blame the ACC for inviting Hon. Afsatu Kabba in for questioning over the repeated allegations?

Afsatu Kabba is suspected of the allegations and the matter is being investigated but since there is yet not a scrap of evidence to substantiate the nonsense allegations, she cannot be arrested. During the investigations, under Section 63(1), she was asked to provide two sureties but what was clearly extremely abnormal was the astronomical recognizance conditions of a like never before seen in this countryís similar circumstances history: ONE BILLION LEONES RECOGNIZANCE!!

When you add the astronomical and unprecedented One Billion Leones Sureties to the Hoaxing of the BBC by Umaru Fofana, then you begin to realise that someone or some group powerfully placed, are out to get Afsatu one way or the other and they might have infiltrated the Anti Corruption Commission. How else will Glenna Thompson justify the One Billion Leones Surety? And who leaked the names and house details of the sureties to Standard Times newspaper? The malice seems to be quite palpable in this matter. ONE BILLION LEONES SURETIES???? Wow!

Meanwhile, Oya Sankoh has in a New Citizen publication strongly denied that she ever described Afsatu Kabba as being corrupt. Oya says she never even granted any interview to the said tabloid that made the allegations. So, if one is instead to believe the said tabloid she is now trying to de-cry, one might easily say that Oya Sankoh has swallowed her vomit. Good for her! More people will follow suit...

Now, what is not yet clear is when will Umaru Fofana, a well respected journalist, do the honourable thing, accept he was hoaxed and retract his published lie that Afsatu Kabba was arrested for corruption? Afsatu was not arrested Brother Umaru; you were hoaxed. Now members of SLAJ are expecting you to retract the lie.

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