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APC Strongman Calls for Intellectual Property Laws
By Abdul Fonti
Feb 23, 2010, 17:42

One of the chief forces to reckon with in the rank and file of the ruling All People’s Congress (APC) has made a call for the enactment of “Intellectual Property Laws”. Mr. Allieu Mohamed Sesay, former Chairman of the APC on Target Radio Programme, made this call whilst formally launching a magnificent Sierra Leonean movie in Freetown, amidst pomp, pageantry and jubilations.

Allieu M. Sesay

According to him, the menace of piracy in the movie and music industries has become a cause for alarm and must not be left unchecked. He pointed out that that urgent and stringent measures need to be put in place in a bid to stop such unpatriotic acts.

“I trust that the APC government has the capability of enacting laws against piracy in the twinkle of an eye in order to protect the talents of Sierra Leoneans. This was done in the case of enacting the Anti-Drugs Act and the Piracy Act will not be an exception” APC’s Allieu Sesay pointed out.

Mr. Sesay revealed that the Sierra Leonean artists and their sponsors’ record sleepless nights plus spending huge sums in cash in producing their various musical albums and movies but unfortunately realize little or nothing from their works as a result of piracy. 

According to Mr. Sesay, the musicians and other artists played a significant role in the 2007 presidential and parliamentary elections. “They immensely contributed to achieving change and still continue to host peace concerts in various parts of the country thus the need to protect their talents” he said.

Mr. Allieu Mohamed Sesay was the grand launcher in the Sierra Leonean movie titled “Its 2 Late”, which was successfully launched on Friday 12
th February 2010 at the Alafia Point Beach Bar, Lumley Beach in Freetown.

The powerful movie depicting love, influence of money and faith was produced and presented by Inter-Denomination Evangelism Organisation (Mountain Movers Movie) and professionally directed by Pastor Joshua A. Dot Sesay.

The jam-packed Beach Bar witnessed stage performances by several local musicians and other forms of entertainment; all serving as contributing factors to the programme’s success.

Patricia Ganda of Star Radio capably chaired the function.

“Its 2 Late” depicts a story of a poor Christian man who fell in love with a rich girl. The girl prefers a rich boy to the poor boy; an occurrence that frustrated the poor boy to a point that he almost died. The rich girl later received the shock of her life when it became evident that the rich boy she prefers was a notorious womanizer.

The movie is presently on sale in all leading movie shops in the country.  

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