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Anti Corruption's Morlai Buya Kamara Gets Defended in Sierra Leone
Feb 25, 2010, 11:00

In the spirit of "Right to Reply", our Editorial Board is today reproducing an article we culled from New Citizen paper about Deputy Commissioner of the Anti Corruption Commission, Mr. Morlai Buya Kamara. It will be recalled that a few weeks back, we had run an article we culled from the SLPP’s Unity paper which had asked for the air to be cleared over allegations of impropriety and corruption that Buya Kamara was alleged to have been involved in at the country's GLOBAL FUND.

Morlai Buya-Kamara’s Reputation Is Intact

Above Article is Culled From New Citizen Newspaper

Even as we enter another round of Global Fund implementation in Sierra Leone, two men who deserve praises for the success of the Global Fund in Sierra Leone are Morlai Buya-Kamara and Dr. Foday Daffy.

These two men over the years worked assiduously to give life to the new-born Global Fund in its infant stages in Sierra Leone.

Like any other institution, the present status of the Global Fund in Sierra Leone depends heavily on the sacrifices of individuals when the Global Fund was just a name in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Foday Daffy is still the manager of Global Fund in Sierra Leone and I am not surprised at all by this development because those who brought the Global Fund to Sierra Leone appreciate Dr. Foday Daffy at the top, unlike other Sierra Leoneans, many of whom are more concerned with the Pull-Him-Down Syndrome which has become a favorite pastime of people who do not have the interest of this country at heart.

In my first meeting with Dr. Foday Daffy, he gave me a piece of advice that I have never forgotten. He said, "Dr. Mary Gutmann has informed me that you will be the supervisor of the ARC Health Programme located at Port Loko. It is a very important position. My advice to you is, do not dive in muddy waters, meaning not to engage in corrupt practices."

I met Morlai Buya-Kamara for the first time when he facilitated a training workshop for Global Fund sub-recipients and their employees, comprising of American Refugees Committee (ARC) International, the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone and some staff members of the National AIDS Secretariat.

In introducing Morlai Buya-Kmara to the gathering at the Council of Churches hall, the Vice President of the Global Fund and Managing Director of the American Refugee Committee International, Mary Gutmann said that she depended on Morlai Buya-Kamara for the success of the Global Fund as he was an experienced Accountant as well as a good Administrator. She explained that Morlai Buya-Kamara had proved himself to be a very capable man in every aspect of running an institution in which honesty, integrity and dedication to duty are paramount.

During the workshop, Morlai Buya-Kamara taught us advanced Accounting Principles and Practices to meet the requirements of the Global Fund in Sierra Leone.

Morlai Buya-Kamara, under the auspices of Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, was responsible for the supervision and administration of the Global Fund as principal recipient.

As principal recipient of the Global Fund under the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, Morlai Buya Kamara had nothing to do with physical cash but to make sure it was available through bank transactions to the sub recipients for the implementation of the Global Fund. And he was also responsible to make sure that the Global Fund was properly utilized for its intended and known purposes.

He frequently visited the sub recipients on locations to learn, teach and supervise in such a way that prevention of mistakes was uppermost in his priority list.

While he audited the sub recipients, he was in turn audited by experts drawn from all over Africa including Ghanaians, Ugandans, Kenyans and others. It was not entirely a national affair.

Throughout his tenure in office, the reports compiled by the external auditors were straight forward and very informative, heaping praises and commendations on the Global Fund administration in Sierra Leone from our foreign partners as well as the Country Coordinating Mechanism (CCM).

Very often and in almost all our conversations with our foreign partners in the Global Fund, the name Morlai Buya-Kamara was associated with good management, commitment and dedication to duty.

As principal recipient of the Global Fund under the auspices of the Sierra Leone Red Cross, Morlai Buya-Kamara won the admiration of all with whom he worked be they nationals or foreigners.

In the American Refugee Committee alone, he worked with two different Managing Directors, one of whom was also the Vice Chairman of the Global Fund, Dr. Mary Gutmann and later Barbara Whitmore. He worked with the later, Barbara Whitmore, until the ARC shutdown its offices in Sierra Leone on the eve of the 2007 elections.

Before her departure from Sierra Leone for the US, the last Managing Director of the ARC International, Barbara Whitmore, organized a farewell party at which time she showered praises on Mr. Morlai Buya-Kamara for his laudable role in the success of the Global Fund.

Those who shared the sentiments expressed by the departing ARC Country Director, Barbara Whitmore, were those who worked closely with Morlai Buya Kamara including Jenneh Boi-Jalloh of CCSL, Samuel B. Conteh of ARC International, Olive Stober of the Sierra Leone Red Cross Society, Mr. Hemore of the Ministry of Health, Education Section and many others including Dr. Foday Daffy, Dr. Prince Roberts and Dr. Brima Kargbo of NAS.

But this annoying PHD

If it had not been for this vexing Pull Him Down Syndrome, Morlai Buya-Kamara could have received the highest commendation this country can offer to one of its greatest sons serving an international organization with merit and mettle.

No doubt when the name Morlai Buya-Kamara was announced as the Deputy to the ACC Chairman, Abdul Tejan-Cole, careful observers agreed that the President had made the right choice. He sailed through Parliamentary scrutiny with relative ease.

It is not known exactly when such a good gentleman deserved such titles as ‘Mole and/or Judas, but it is not surprising to many of us who believe that certain people in our society have been targeted for inexplicable reasons not unconnected with the regions they hail from or the surnames they carry.

Suffice to state that nothing lasts forever and that this Pull-Him-Down syndrome, too, shall pass in accordance with Divine Providence.

We therefore urge all victims of blatant witch-hunt or shameless Pull-Him-Down syndrome to bear lightly what needs must be.

No doubt, tomorrow is another day.

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