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A Sierra Leone Opinion: Tony Blair Is Corrupt?
Feb 25, 2010, 16:16

One point used to educate a critic of President Koroma who believed President should have removed Afsatu Kabba from office simply because she was called in for questioning was the fact that former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, whilst he was in office, was called in for questioning over corruption allegations; only for him to be cleared. So, Allegations do not mean Culpability!

Infact, Tony Blairís scenario saw even worse things written about him and his alleged corruption in office than that now being written about Afsatu Kabba. Fact!

And of course, we all recall how Jacob Zuma was hounded for corruption in a political vendetta only for him to be cleared and eventually become President of South Africa.

Now moving on... the sad fact of the matter is that corruption allegations that dogged Blair whilst he was in office have continued to dog him afterwards.

One of the allegations¬†Blair needs to clear the air on to us here is that he has been collecting cash from Microsoft computer billionaire Bill Gates & his wife Melinda, in the name of Sierra Leone. He has been alleged to be doing so through Tony Blairís Windrush Projects but that the millions of dollars he collects for an alleged strengthening of Sierra Leoneís democratic governance have not been handled according to the laws of the United Kingdom.

This is why it was so sad that yesterday, Mr. Blairís handlers only provided a photo opportunity for him at a local hospital with a pliant section of media rather than allowing him to face us the critical media in open Question & Answer sessions. The issue of that money Tony Blair is collecting in our name should be well explained and publicised.

We deserve to know Sir! Can you please explain to us?

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