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APC Minister Threatens to Kill Journalist
By Bampia Bundu
Mar 1, 2010, 15:24

The Deputy Minister of Labour, Employment and Industrial Relations, Moijueh Kaikai, stands accused of threatening to kill a Reporter of the Independent Radio Network (IRN), Melvin Rogers.

The incident is said to have occurred during the just concluded local council bye-election that was held in the Lugbu Chiefdom, Bo District.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister Moijueh Kaikai has denied the allegation in an interview with the Awareness Times Newspaper. "The said allegation is baseless and unfounded" Mr. Kaikai said.

According to Melvin Rogers, who was heading the IRN Team that was monitoring and reporting the Lugbu election, the incident started after he filed a report that was aired on Radio Democracy FM 98.1 on the 28th February 2010. "In the report, I pointed out that Minister Moijueh Kaikai was in Lugbu two days prior to the election and that he was openly campaigning for the APC candidate called Mohamed Sefoi. I also reported that his actions were in contrast with an earlier warning from President Koroma" the IRN Reporter explained.

"Following my report was a mobile phone call from Minister Kaikai threatening to kill me on grounds that my filed report was not in his favour" Melvin Rogers said.

The IRN Reporter said the matter has been reported at the Bo Police Station and that he is contemplating on filing a legal suit against the Minister.

Minister Moijueh Kaikai denied the telephone threat against the Reporter but agreed that his was in Lugbu prior to the election.

Meanwhile, residents of Lugbu Chiefdom have informed the Awareness Times Newspaper that the Minister was spotted in various locations in the Chiefdom. It is also alleged that the Minister was using a government vehicle that was loaded with alleged thugs.

The APC however ended up losing the election to the SLPP.

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