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African Minerals Company Press Release
Mar 2, 2010, 17:04

African Minerals Company
Press Release

It has come to the notice of Management of the African Minerals Company that a group of individuals with ulterior motive are unofficially collecting money and undertaking fake registration of job seeking youths in the country on the pretext of providing jobs for them at the Company.

The African Minerals Company wishes it to be known that the Company has not authorized or given authorization to anyone to collect money or register the names of Sierra Leoneans for the purpose of providing employment for them.

That the African Minerals Company is a respecter of the principles of transparency and equal job opportunity for all and not behind the scene activity because of its belief, conviction and determination to contribute to the socio-economic development aspirations of the country.

In a view of this, the African Minerals Company wishes to advise all those engaged in such unpatriotic and diabolic acts to give the Company a bad name and tarnish both its local and international reputations, to desist from it forthwith, if not, the Company would be left with no alternative but to use every available resources and avenues to prosecute any individual or group of individuals caught.

Lawyers representing the Company have been thoroughly briefed about this unfortunate development and are fully prepared to use the due process of the law to protect and maintain the image of the Company.

The Sierra Leone Police have since been informed and are currently investigating reports of Obtaining Money under False Pretenses and false registration of youths by some individuals using the name of African Minerals Company.

You have been warned!

By Management
Dated 26th February, 2010

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