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Mar 3, 2010, 17:02


The Forestry Division of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food Security announces that it will be conducting Regional and National consultations on the draft of the new Forestry Policy and Wildlife Conservation Policy.

In early 2009, the Government of Sierra Leone (GoSL), represented by the Forestry Division, and with support from the USAID funded CEPESL/PAGE program and the European Union funded Gola Forest Program hosted a national workshop in Freetown from February 35, 2009 to launch the review process of the policies, laws and regulations of the forestry sector of Sierra Leone. The main process recommendation that came out of the workshop was to set up an Advisory Committee (AC) composed of representatives of those ministries involved in agriculture, forestry, and environment sectors; national and international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs); civil society organizations; local communities; and community-based organizations to carry on the process under the leadership of the Forestry Division.

Following the workshop and under the leadership of the Forestry Division, CEPESL (Creating an Enabling Policy Environment for Sierra Leone) and the Gola Forest Program worked with the advisory committee to carry on the review process by identifying and analyzing gaps and weaknesses of old policies, taking stock of best practices from other countries and suggesting policy options for both forestry and wildlife. Currently, the Advisory Committee has produced two draft policy documents (draft Forestry policy and draft wildlife conservation policy) which include issues related to forestry and biodiversity conservation in Sierra Leone.

With the continued collaboration with CEPESL and other constituents of the AC, the Forestry Division is undertaking a nationwide consultative process to submit these draft policies to various stakeholders in order to gather their views, concerns, feedbacks and recommendations on issues that they would like to see addressed in these documents. This consultative process will include Radio and TV announcement and discussions; News Paper announcement and reporting; and District level, Regional level and National level workshops.

Annex for Specific Regions:

Kenema: Monday 8th March, 2010 at the National Pastoral, Social and Development Center

Bo: Wednesday 10th March, 2010 at the Methodist Youth Resource Centre, Mission Road, Close to the Bo Police Station

Kabala: Monday 15th March, 2010 at a venue to be confirmed

Makeni: Wednesday 17th March, 2010 at the Makeni City Hall, Station Road

All Sessions start at 8:30 am and attendance is strictly by invitation

On the evening after each workshop, a phone-in and text-in radio discussion will be on air at 7:00pm on:

1. Kenema: SLBS and Eastern Radio
2. Bo: SLBS and KISS 104
3. Makeni: SLBS Makeni (FM 88.0) and Radio Maria (FM 101.1)

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